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Specializations of ANIMATE-PART

behave (551)
plant (251)

Dimensions of ANIMATE-PART

amount (1)
fatness (1)
source (1)

Related ANIMATE Aspects

action (1)

Analogies for ANIMATE-PART

inanimate (112)
physical (262)

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Concept Categories Similarity Cluster Functional Roles Related Concepts
abdomenpart, cavitykidney, spleen, stomach, liver, bellybehave_part
accessory nervepart, nerve, channelsbehave_part
achenepartfruit, samara, rind, fruits, drupe, legumeplant_part, embryo_partfruit
acoustic nervepart, nerve, channelsbehave_part
actinpart, albumenorganism, muscle, protein, muscular tissue, body, tendonbehave_part, embryo_partmuscle
acupuncture pointpartbehave_part
adrenal glandpart, gland, glandularadrenal, gland, kidneybehave_partadrenalin
adrenalpart, gland, glandularadrenal glandbehave_partadrenalin
adventitious rootpart, root, base, origin, source, footplant_part, base_part
aerial rootpart, root, base, origin, source, footplant_part, base_part
afferent nervepart, nerve, channelsbehave_part
afterbirthpartbehave_part, embryo_part
agnailpart, fishbone, stingerbehave_part
albuminpart, albumenbilirubin, protein, albumenbehave_part, embryo_part
aleuronepartbehave_part, embryo_part
all over the bodypart, bodyall the detailsbehave_partall
amnionpart, membrane, membranousbehave_part, embryo_part
amniotic fluidpartbehave_part
amylasepartptyalin, enzymebehave_part, embryo_part
animal's mouthpartanimal's pawbehave_part, opening_part
aniseedpartplant_part, embryo_part
anklepartbehave_part, foot_partanklebone
anuspartperineum, rectumbehave_part
anvilpart, bone, skeleton, frameworkincusbehave_part, bone_part
appendixpart, remnant, tail, backbehave_partappendicitis
armpartforearm, armpit, wrist, elbow, vein, humerusbehave_part, arm_partshoulder, arms, elbow, armlet, wrist, humerus
armpitpart, pitpit, axilla, arm, hair, axillary budbehave_part, arm_partaxilla
arms and legspart, limbbehave_part, limb_part
artificial kidneypart, kidneyartificial limb, artificial skin, sythetic proteinbehave_part, artificial_typeartificial
artificial skinpart, skin, skinartificial limb, artificial kidney, sythetic proteinbehave_part, cover_part, artificial_typeartificial
auditory nervepart, nerve, channelsnervebehave_parthearing
auriclepart, earheart, ear, pericardium, cardiac muscle, myocardiumbehave_part, heart_partheart
autonomic nervepart, nerve, channelsbehave_part
autosomalpart, bodyanimate_part
autosomepart, bodychromosomeanimate_part
axilpartbehave_part, arm_partaxillary bud
axillapartarmpitbehave_part, arm_partarmpit, axillary bud
axillary budpart, bud, sprout, shootarmpitplant_part, embryo_partaxilla, axil
B cellpart, afterbirthantibody, cell, lymphocyte, B lymphocyteanimate_part
B lymphocytepart, afterbirthB cellanimate_part
back (of the human body)part, ridgeback of the neck, back of a car, back cover, back of a Chinese robe, back entrance, back of a personbehave_part, hind_type
back of the neckpartneckband, nape, collar, back of a car, back cover, back of a Chinese robebehave_partneck
backpart, department, headquarters, ministryvertebra, spine, spinal cordbehave_part, hind_typevertebra, backbone, spine
backbonepartspine, back, spinal cordbehave_part, bone_partback, spine, backsaw
bamboo leafpart, leaf, foliagebamboo shoots in spring, bamboo pole, bamboo shootplant_partbamboo, bamboo-leaf-green liqueur
bare stalkpartbare bones, bare trunkplant_partbare
bare trunkpartbare bones, bare stalkplant_partbare
base of a fruitpartplant_part, base_part
bead of sweatpartbehave_part
beads of sweatpart, egg, seedbehave_part
bean sproutfood, bud, sprout, shootbean curd with odor, bean curd, bean product, bean jelly, thin sheets of bean curd, dried bean curdplant_part, embryo_part, cook_patient, put_patient, hold_patient, produce_patientpeas, beans
beanpartcowpea, pea, legume, castor bean, kernel, cotyledonplant_part, embryo_partseed, peas, beans
beanstalkpart, beanstalkpod, legume straw, bean, bean segmentplant_partpeas, beans
beardpartgoatee, moustache, stubbleplant_part
biennial rootpart, root, base, origin, source, footplant_part, base_part
bilepartliver, bilirubin, cholesterol, bladderbehave_partgallbladder
bilirubinpart, elementbile, liver, cholesterol, albumin, bladderbehave_partgallbladder
bladderpartbehave_partbladder cancer
bladepart, petal, section, segment, clove, draft, fragment, valvehiltplant_part
blighted grainpartplant_part, embryo_partblighted
blood cellpartplatelet, blood, blood from a wound, blood flow, blood flowing like a river, blood serumbehave_partblood
blood corpusclepartblood from a wound, blood flow, blood flowing like a river, blood serum, blood cell, blood glucosebehave_partblood
blood fatpart, fat, grease, tallowblood from a wound, blood flow, blood flowing like a river, blood serum, blood cell, blood corpusclebehave_partblood
blood flowpartblood from a wound, blood flowing like a river, blood serum, blood cell, blood corpuscle, blood glucosebehave_part, red_typeblood
blood flowing like a riverpartblood from a wound, blood flow, blood serum, blood cell, blood corpuscle, blood glucosebehave_part, red_typeblood
blood glucosepartblood from a wound, blood flow, blood flowing like a river, blood serum, blood cell, blood corpusclebehave_partblood
blood plateletpartplatelet, blood from a wound, blood flow, blood flowing like a river, blood serum, blood cellbehave_partblood, apheresis
blood serumpartblood from a wound, blood flow, blood flowing like a river, blood cell, blood corpuscle, blood glucosebehave_partblood, serology
blood sugarpartblood, blood from a wound, blood flow, blood flowing like a river, blood serum, blood cellbehave_partblood
bloodpart, bloodplasma, heart, platelet, kidney, antibody, veinbehave_part, red_type, treasure_agentleukaemia, congestion, hemorrhage, bloodletting, bacteremia, hematuria
bloodbathpartplasma, blood flow, blood flowing like a river, blood serum, blood cell, blood corpusclebehave_part, red_typeblood
blue veinspart, muscle, sinew, tendonbehave_part
bodily fluidpartbehave_part
body cavitypartbody of a vehicle, body fluid, body of a human beingbehave_part
body fluidpartbody of a vehicle, body of a human being, body cavity, body and mind, salivary glandbehave_partbody, saliva, fluid
bodypart, bodyleg, organism, muscle, trunk, introduction, neckbehave_partmuscle, death, living thing, organism, body fluid, body and mind
bollpartplant_part, embryo_part
bone marrow lymphocytepart, afterbirthanimate_part
boneparttarsus, incus, patella, carpus, clavicle, periosteumbehave_part, bone_partskeleton, osteomyelitis, dominoes, fracture, joint, bone dust
both armspart, arm, armboth places, both sides, both ends, both parties, both flanks, both wingsbehave_part, arm_partboth
both browspart, brow, eyebrowboth places, both sides, both ends, both parties, both flanks, both wingsbehave_partboth
both eyespart, item, eyeboth places, both sides, both ends, both parties, both flanks, both wingsbehave_partboth
both shoulderspart, shoulderboth places, both sides, both ends, both parties, both flanks, both wingsbehave_part, arm_partboth
brainpartneuron, head, eye, skull, muscle, spinal cordbehave_partmeningioma, cranium, mind, meningitis, head, macrencephaly
branchbranchplant_part, limb_part, priority_settingtwig, trunk, tree, bark, leave, branches and leaves
branches and leavespart, leaf, foliageoffshoot, branch, spin-off, trunk, twig, barkplant_part, limb_partbranch
broadleafpart, leaf, foliageplant_partbroad, broadleaf forest, broadleaf tree
bronchuspart, tuberespiratory tractbehave_partbronchitis, chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, bronchiectasis
budpartshoot, calyx, petal, floral envelope, perianth, pedicelplant_part, embryo_partcotton, plant, bud-tea
bulbpart, stem, stalkstem, corm, garlic, onionplant_part
callositypart, calluscallusbehave_part, cover_part, hard_typeovergrown, callus
calluspartcallositybehave_part, cover_part, hard_typeovergrown, callosity
calyxpartbud, petal, floral envelope, perianth, pedicel, pollenplant_part, embryo_partcotton, flower
cambiumpart, weaveanimate_part
cane vinepartplant_partrattan, cane, vine
capsulepartfruitplant_part, embryo_part
carapacepartbehave_part, cover_part
cardiac musclepart, flesh, musclemyocardium, heart, muscle, pericardium, auriclebehave_part, heart_partpurpose, heart
cartilagepart, bone, skeleton, frameworkgristle, skeleton, bone, larynx, connective tissuebehave_part, bone_partchondrosarcoma
caryopsispartfruit, samara, rind, fruits, drupe, legumeplant_part, embryo_partfruit
catalasepartenzymebehave_part, embryo_partoxygen
cell membranepart, membrane, membranouscytoplasmic, cytoplasm, cholesterol, cell, cell wall, cell nucleusanimate_partcell
cell nucleuspart, nucleus, pit, stone, nuclearcytoplasmic, nucleus, chromosome, cytoplasm, cell, cell wallanimate_partcell, bacterium, bacteria
cell wallpart, cliff, crag, precipice, wall, bluff, ledgecytoplasmic, chitin, cytoplasm, cell, cell nucleus, cell membraneanimate_partcell, bacteria, bacterium
cellpart, afterbirthcytoplasm, neuron, B cell, cell wall, cell nucleus, cell membraneanimate_partcapillary, cytology, bacterium, cell biology, cytoplasm
cellularpart, afterbirthanimate_part
central nervous systempart, nerve, channelscentral processing unit, central issue, central section, central idea, central authorities, central committeebehave_partcenter
ceratinpart, albumenkeratinbehave_part, embryo_part
cerebral cortexpart, floor, storey, layer, stratumcortexbehave_partcortex
cerebralpart, department, headquarters, ministrybehave_part
cervical vertebrapart, vertebravertebrabehave_part, bone_part
cervicalpart, department, headquarters, ministrybehave_part
characterpart, remnant, top, head, side, aspect, endrolling bearing, roller bearingbehave_part, bone_partroll
cheek bonepart, bone, skeleton, frameworkface, cheek, cheek pouchbehave_part, bone_partcheek
cheekpartfacebehave_part, cover_part
chitinpartcell wallbehave_part, embryo_part
chlorophyllpart, elementleaf, leaf blade, petiole, leaf surface, leaf bud, leaf axilplant_partleaf, green
cholesterolpartbilirubin, bile, liver, cell membrane, bladderbehave_partgallbladder
chromosomepart, bodyautosome, gamete, crossover, gene, nucleus, DNAanimate_partchromosomal abnormality
ciliumpart, hair, down, featherflagellumbehave_part
claviclepart, bone, skeleton, frameworkbone, scapula, shoulderbehave_part, bone_part
coagulasepart, elementbehave_part, embryo_part
coccyxpart, bone, skeleton, frameworktail, sacrum, vertebra, vertebral column, tail-like part, tail lampbehave_part, bone_parttail
cold sweatpart, perspiration, sweatbehave_partcold
collagenpartligament, skin, protein, connective tissuebehave_part, embryo_part
collarbonepart, bone, skeleton, frameworkbehave_part, bone_part
colonpartbehave_partcolitis, colon cancer
compound leafpart, leaf, foliagecompound sentence, compound word, compound eyeplant_partcompound, complex
condylepartbehave_part, bone_part
conepartsamara, rind, fruits, drupe, legume, nutplant_part, embryo_partfruit, sphere
connective tissuepart, weavecartilage, ligament, elastin, collagen, bonebehave_part
cormpart, stem, stalktaro, bulbplant_part
corollapartstamen, petal, calyx, bud, floral envelope, perianthplant_part, embryo_partcotton
corpus luteumpart, bodybehave_part
cortexpart, floor, storey, layer, stratumkidney, parenchyma, neuron, root, cerebral cortexbehave_part
cotton bollpart, bud, bollcottonseedplant_part, embryo_partgeneral term for cotton and kapok, cotton
cottonseedpart, seedcotton bollplant_part, embryo_partgeneral term for cotton and kapok, cotton, cottonseed oil
cotyledonpart, leaf, foliageleaf, seed, embryo, bean, kernelplant_partseed
crop of a birdpartbehave_part
cross-eyepart, eyebehave_part
crotchparttrunk, treetop, tree trunk, tree root, tree sapplant_part, limb_parttree
crustpart, shell, case, housing, casingbehave_part, cover_partcrustacean
curly branchpart, branch, twigcurly hair, curly beard, curly moustache, curly twig, curly sideburnsplant_part, limb_part
curly hairpart, hair, down, feathercurly beard, curly moustache, curly branch, curly twig, curly sideburnsbehave_part
curly twigpart, branch, twigcurly hair, curly beard, curly moustache, curly branch, curly sideburnsplant_part, limb_part
cuticlepart, surface, coverleaf, epidermisbehave_part, cover_part
cuttingpart, item, twigplant_part, limb_part
cytoplasmpartcytoplasmic, cell, cell wall, cell nucleus, cell membraneanimate_partcell
cytoplasmicpartcytoplasm, cell wall, cell nucleus, cell membraneanimate_partcell
deoxyribonucleic acidpartanimate_part
desoxyribonucleic acidpartanimate_part
diaphragmpart, diaphragm, membrane, membranousbehave_part
diaphysispart, trunkskeleton, epiphysis, bone, periosteum, pelvis, marrowbehave_part, bone_partbone
DNApartribose, enzyme, genome, protein, guanine, helixanimate_partDNA chip
double helixpart, bodydouble-fold eyelidanimate_partdouble
downpartbehave_part, fine_type
downy featherspartbehave_part, fine_type
dribblepart, egg, seedbehave_part
dried human placentapartdried razor clambehave_part, embryo_part
drivelpart, egg, seedbehave_part
droolpart, egg, seedbehave_part
drop of bloodpartbehave_part, red_type
drupepartseed, stone, fruit, samara, rind, fruitsplant_part, embryo_partstone, fruit
dry flowerpart, essence, flower, bloom, blossomlatticed door, partition board, coiled bunplant_part, embryo_partdry
duodenumpartjejunum, stomach, digestive systembehave_partduodenal ulcer
ear of grainpartear of corn, ear of maize, ear of riceplant_part
efferent nervepart, nerve, channelsbehave_part
egg cellpart, afterbirthovum, egg white, egg capsule of a mantisbehave_part, embryo_part
eggpartroe, oviduct, eggplant, ovum, yolk, meatbehave_part, embryo_partovum, lecithin, ovary, pancake, cuckoo, meatball
elastinpart, albumenconnective tissuebehave_part, embryo_partelastic
elbowparthumerus, wrist, armbehave_part, arm_partarm
embryopartcotyledon, radicle, seed, ovumanimate_part, embryo_partembryonal carcinoma, radicle
embryopart, tyre, embryo, foetus, roughcastfoetus, cotyledon, seed, radicle, ovum, foetal hairbehave_part, embryo_partfoetus, birth
endocarppart, peel, rind, surface, coverplant_part, embryo_part
enzymepartpepsin, RNA, catalase, amylase, protein, DNAanimate_partprotease, retrovirus
epidermispart, surface, coverskin, cuticlebehave_part, cover_part
epiphysispart, epiphysisskeleton, diaphysis, bone, periosteum, pelvis, marrowbehave_part, bone_partbone
epithelial tissuepart, weavebehave_part, cover_part
epitheliumpart, surface, coverskinbehave_part, cover_partepithelioma
erect stempart, stem, stalkplant_parterective, erect
erythrocytepart, afterbirthbehave_part
erythrocytepartbehave_part, red_type
exocarppart, peel, rind, surface, coverplant_part, embryo_part
extravasated bloodpart, bloodbehave_part, red_type
eyeparteyelid, tears, pupil, brain, compound eye, optic nervebehave_part, handle_patientpupil, aperture, vision, monocle, wink, conjunctivitis
eyebrowparteye socket, tears, eye-bag, eyeground, eyeholebehave_parteye
fallen leavespart, leaf, foliageplant_partfall
Fallopian tubepart, tubeoviduct, ovumbehave_part
fatpartoil, tallow, liverbehave_partfoie gras, cream, fat meat and fine grain, fatty liver
feetpartbehave_part, foot_part
female flowerpart, essence, flower, bloom, blossomplant_part, embryo_partfemale
femurpart, bone, skeleton, frameworkthigh, knee, patella, bone, thighbonebehave_part, bone_partthigh
ferritinpart, albumenbehave_part, embryo_part
fertilized eggpart, egg, ovum, spawnbehave_part, embryo_part
fibrous rootpart, root, base, origin, source, footplant_part, base_part
fine hairpartfine hair on the human body, fine long hair, fine silk string, fine hair on animalsbehave_part, fine_typefine floss for embroidery
fistpart, fisthand, palm, handle, wrist, arm, fingerbehave_part, hand_parthand
five fingerspart, fingerfive internal organs (heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys)behave_part, hand_partfive
five internal organs (heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys)part, viscerafive fingersbehave_partfive
flagellumpart, hair, down, featherflagellate, ciliumanimate_partflagellate
fleet-footpart, legbehave_part, leg_part
flesh and bloodpart, flesh, meaty, meat, pulpflesh of fruit, flesh of fishbehave_partflesh, flesh and blood flying in every direction
fleshpart, bodymeatbehave_part
fleshpartmeatbehave_partflesh-coloured, meat
floral envelopepartfloral axis, floral axis, calyx, bud, petal, perianthplant_part, embryo_partflorid, cotton
foetal hairpart, hairfoetal membrane, embryobehave_partfoetus
foetuspartembryobehave_part, embryo_partembryo, foetal hair, foetal membrane
folds (of the stomach, intestines, etcpartbehave_part
foliagepartleaf, leaf blade, petiole, chlorophyll, leaf surface, leaf budplant_partleaf
footpartleg, heel, pedal, sole, instep, anklefasten_location, behave_part, foot_partfootprint, heel, toe, sole, instep, ankle
forearmpart, arm, armarm, wrist, ulnabehave_part, arm_part
forkpart, branchplant_part, limb_parthayfork, pitchfork, bifurcation
forward foot in a steppart, base, foot, feetforward elementbehave_part, foot_part
four limbspart, limbbehave_part, limb_partfour
frost-bitten leavespart, leaf, foliageplant_partfrost
fruitpart, fruit, seedmulberry, acorn, nut, legume, drupe, caryopsisplant_part, embryo_partpomology, orchard, pistachio
fruitspart, fruit, seedsamara, rind, drupe, legume, nut, coneplant_part, embryo_partfruit
gall bladderpartbehave_part
ganglionpart, item, section, joint, division, partneuron, nerve, nerve cell, nerve ending, nervous system, nerve fibrebehave_partnerve
gastral cavitypartbehave_part
gastric glandpart, gland, glandulargastric secretion, gastric juicebehave_part
gastric juicepartgastric secretion, gastric glandbehave_part
gastric secretionpartgastric gland, gastric juicebehave_part
gelatinepartbehave_part, embryo_part
genepartgenome, chromosome, RNA, DNAanimate_partgenetics, gene-mapping, gene therapy, genome
genetic genespartanimate_partgenetic
genicpartanimate_partgene-mapping, gene therapy, genome
glandpartthymus, prostate, skin, sweat gland, thyroid gland, parotid glandbehave_partglandular, thyroidectomy, prostatitis, gland cancer, glandiform
glandularpartbehave_partgland, gland cancer, glandiform
globulinpart, albumenbehave_part, embryo_partglobe
glumepartplant_part, embryo_part
glycoproteinpart, albumenantibody, ribosebehave_part, embryo_partsugar
grain huskpartplant_part, embryo_part
grainpartparticle, fruitspread_patient, plant_part, embryo_part
greaseparttallow, oilbehave_parttallow, rouge
green leafpart, leaf, foliagegreen Chinese onion, green berets, green soya beans, green pepper, chlorophyllplant_partgreen
gristlepart, bone, skeleton, frameworkcartilagebehave_part, bone_part
groinpartbehave_part, leg_part
guaninepartRNA, DNAanimate_part
haemoglobinpart, albumenbehave_part
hairpart, hair, down, featherwool, mohair, keratin, pigment, armpit, braidbehave_parthairlike
hangnailpart, fishbone, stingerbehave_part
headpartskull, brainbehave_partforehead, head and tail, headman, head of the committee
hipbonepart, bone, skeleton, frameworkbehave_part, bone_parthip
hot tearspart, tear, teardrop, lachrymalhot pepper, latticed door, partition board, coiled bunbehave_parthot
housingpartbehave_part, cover_part
humeruspart, bone, skeleton, frameworkwrist, elbow, skeleton, joint, scapula, ulnabehave_part, arm_partarm
hydrochloric acid in gastric juicepartbehave_part
hypophysispart, bodybehave_part
ileumpartjejunum, digestive systembehave_part
iliumpart, bone, skeleton, frameworkbehave_part, bone_part
incomplete leafpart, leaf, foliageplant_part
incuspart, bone, skeleton, frameworkbone, anvilbehave_part, bone_partanvil
inner earpartinner tube, inner layer, inner memory, inner tube of a tyrebehave_part
innominate bonepart, bone, skeleton, frameworkbehave_part, bone_part
insteppartbehave_part, foot_part
intercostal musclepart, flesh, muscleribbehave_part
internal organspart, viscerainternal orgons of the boby, internal structure of an organization, internal orgons, internal orgons of the body, internal-combustion enginebehave_partinternal
internal orgons of the bobypartinternal structure of an organization, internal organs, internal orgons, internal orgons of the bodybehave_partinternal orgons
internal orgons of the bodypart, organinternal orgons of the boby, internal structure of an organization, internal organs, internal orgonsbehave_part
internal orgonspartinternal orgons of the boby, internal structure of an organization, internal organs, internal orgons of the bodybehave_partinternal orgons of the boby
intervertebral discpartvertebrabehave_part, bone_part
involuntary musclepart, flesh, musclesmooth musclebehave_partsmooth
ischiumpart, bone, skeleton, frameworkbehave_part, bone_part
jejunumpartduodenum, ileum, digestive systembehave_partjejunostomy
kaoliang stalkpart, strawplant_partsorghum, kaoliang
karyotinpart, bodyanimate_part
keratinpart, albumenceratin, hair, proteinbehave_part, embryo_part
kernelpartbean, cotyledonplant_part, embryo_partseed
kidneypartureter, blood, cortex, pelvis, liver, abdomenbehave_partnephritis, kidney trouble, kidney stone
lachrymal glandpart, gland, glandularbehave_partlachrymal
lachrymalpartbehave_partlachrymal gland
lactalbuminpart, albumin, albumenbehave_part, embryo_part
lanugopart, hairbehave_part
lateral branchpart, branch, twiglateral root, lateral line, lateral bud, lateral radical of a Chinese characterplant_part, limb_part
lateral budpart, bud, sprout, shootlateral root, lateral line, lateral branch, lateral radical of a Chinese characterplant_part, embryo_part
lateral rootpart, root, base, origin, source, footlateral line, lateral bud, lateral branch, lateral radical of a Chinese characterplant_part, base_part
leaf bladepart, petal, section, segment, clove, draft, fragment, valveleaf mustard, leaf surface, leaf sheath, leaf bud, leaf axil, petioleplant_partleaf
leaf sheathpartleaf mustard, leaf blade, leaf surface, leaf bud, leaf axilplant_part
leafpartcotyledon, petiole, chlorophyll, foliage, leave, parenchymaplant_partleaf-like thing, foliage, larch, clover, leaf blade, petiole
leafstalkpart, stem, handleplant_part
leafy branchpart, branch, twigleaf blade, petiole, chlorophyll, leaf surface, leaf bud, leaf axilplant_part, limb_partleaf
lean meatpart, flesh, meaty, meat, pulpanimate_part, bony_typelean
leavepart, leaf, foliagetwig, leaf, trunk, bark, branches and leaves, spin-offplant_partbranch, tree, leafy
leaves of Chinese sweet gumpart, leaf, foliageleaves of pulse plants, maple leavesplant_partmaple
leaves of pulse plantspartleaves of Chinese sweet gumplant_part
legpartshin, body, thighprotect_patient, behave_part, leg_partfoot
legpart, department, headquarters, ministryheel, foot, shin, bodybehave_part, foot_part
legume strawpart, strawpod, bean, beanstalk, bean segmentplant_partpeas, beans
legumepartfruit, pea, bean, protein, samara, rindplant_part, embryo_partfruit
leucocytepart, afterbirthbehave_partleucopenia
leucorrheapart, tyrebehave_part, female_type
leukorrheapart, tyrebehave_part, female_type
ligamentpart, tyreknee, collagen, tendon, connective tissuebehave_part
limbpartbehave_part, limb_part
limbs and trunkpart, bodybehave_part, limb_part
limbspart, bodybehave_part, limb_part
lipspartbehave_part, opening_part
liquid body substancepartliquid surfacebehave_part
lochiapartbehave_part, red_type
long bonepart, bone, skeleton, frameworkbone, long hair, long sleevebehave_part, bone_partlong
lotus leafpart, leaf, foliagelotus seed, seedpod of the lotusplant_partlotus
lymph cellpart, afterbirthlymphocyte, lymph gland, lymph node, lymphatic tissue, lymphoid tissuebehave_partlymph
lymph glandpart, tubelymphocyte, lymph node, lymph cell, lymphatic tissue, lymphoid tissuebehave_partlymph
lymph nodepartlymphocyte, lymph gland, lymph cell, lymphatic tissue, lymphoid tissuebehave_partlymph
lymphpartbehave_partlymph gland, lymphangioma, lymphoma, lymphatic tissue, lymphoid tissue
lymphatic tissuepart, weavelymphocyte, lymph gland, lymph node, lymph cell, lymphoid tissueanimate_partlymph
lymphocytepartthymus, B cell, T cell, lymph gland, lymph node, lymph cellbehave_partlymph
lymphoid tissuepart, weavelymphocyte, lymph gland, lymph node, lymph cell, lymphatic tissueanimate_partlymph
main and collateral channels through which vital energy circulates and along which the acupuncture points are distributedpartmain part of a machine, main part of a project, main part, main points, main idea, main part of a structurebehave_part
main rootpart, root, base, origin, source, footmain part of a machine, main part of a project, main part, main points, main idea, main and collateral channels through which vital energy circulates and along which the acupuncture points are distributedplant_part, base_partmain
mammary glandpart, gland, glandularbehave_partnipple, breast, milk
maple leavespart, leaf, foliageleaves of Chinese sweet gumplant_partmaple
marrowpart, marrow, pithskeleton, bone, diaphysis, periosteum, pelvis, epiphysisbehave_partbone
meatpartfleshanimate_partmeaty, flesh, meatman
meatypartmeat, eggbehave_partmeat counter, meat, meatman, meat dish, meatball, meat stuffing
melaninpart, elementmole, pigment, black hair, black spot, black horse, black clothesanimate_part, black_typemelanism, black, melanoma, melanosis
melon seedpart, egg, seedpumpkin, cucumberplant_part, embryo_partgourd, melon
membranepartmucous membranebehave_partperitonitis
membranepartplant_part, cover_part
membranepart, membrane, membranousbehave_part
mesocarppart, peel, rind, surface, coverplant_part, embryo_part
metatarsuspartbehave_part, foot_partmetatarsal bone
monadpart, bodymonasanimate_part
monaspart, bodymonadanimate_part
mucinpart, elementmucusbehave_part, embryo_partmucus
mucosapart, membrane, membranousmucous membranebehave_partmucositis
mucous membranepart, membrane, membranousmucus, mucosa, membranebehave_part
mucus of the nosepartbehave_part
mucuspartmucin, mucous membranebehave_partmucin
musclepartmyocardium, tendon, brain, nerve, actin, heartbehave_partmyalgia, cramp, actin, muscle tumor, muscular dystrophy, body
musclespart, flesh, meaty, meat, pulpbehave_part
muscular tissuepart, weavetendon, body, actinbehave_partmuscle
musculuspart, flesh, meaty, meat, pulpmusclebehave_partmuscular dystrophy
muzzlepart, lipsbehave_part, opening_part
myocardiumpart, flesh, muscleheart, muscle, pericardium, cardiac muscle, auriclebehave_part, heart_partheart, electrocardiogram, myocardial infarction
nailparttoenail, finger, toebehave_part, cover_partnail polish
naked eyepart, eyebehave_part
nape of the neckpartbehave_part
napepartneckband, collar, back of the neckbehave_partneck
nasal mucuspartbehave_part
neckpartcollar, body, headrestbehave_parthead, collar, neckband, necktie, neckerchief, scarf
nerve cellpart, afterbirthneuron, ganglion, nerve ending, nerve fibre, nerve centre, nervous systembehave_partnerve
nerve centrepart, center, centre, hub, pivotneuron, ganglion, nerve ending, nerve cell, nerve fibre, nervous systembehave_partnerve
nerve endingpart, tip, end, tipneuron, ganglion, nerve cell, nerve fibre, nerve centre, nervous systembehave_partnerve
nerve fibrepartneuron, ganglion, nerve ending, nerve cell, nerve centre, nervous systembehave_partnerve
nervepart, channelsganglion, neuron, muscle, nervous system, optic nerve, auditory nervebehave_partneuroanatomy, ganglion, nervous system, nerve cell, neuron, nervous
nervus opticuspart, nerve, channelsbehave_part
neuronpart, afterbirthcell, ganglion, nerve, cortex, brain, spinal cordbehave_partnerve, neuroanatomy, neuroscience
newly grown downpartbehave_part, fine_type
notochordpartvertebral column, vertebrabehave_part, bone_partchordate
nutpartthread, fruit, samara, rind, fruits, drupeplant_part, embryo_partfruit
occipital bonepart, bone, skeleton, frameworkbonebehave_part, bone_part
occult bloodpart, bloodbehave_part, red_type
occult bloodpart, bloodbehave_part, covert_type
offshootpartplant_part, limb_part
offspringpartplant_part, limb_partissue
oilpartfat, greasebehave_part
oilseedpartoil horizon, oil layer, oil reservoir, oilwayplant_part, embryo_partoil, oily
olive branchpart, branch, twigplant_part, limb_partfruit of the canary, olive
optic nervepart, nerve, channelseye, nerve, optic tractbehave_partvision
optic tractpart, nerve, channelsoptic nervebehave_part
organpartbehave_partmusical instrument
organic structurepart, bodybehave_part
organismpart, bodyecosystem, body, actinbehave_part
outer formpart, shell, case, housing, casingouter leaf of vegetable, outer leaf, outer suburbs, outer skin, outer part, outer layerbehave_part
outgrowthpartplant_part, limb_part
oviductpart, tubeovum, egg, Fallopian tubebehave_part
ovumpartoviduct, gamete, embryo, egg, egg cell, Fallopian tubebehave_part, embryo_partovary, egg
pancreatic juicepartbehave_partpancreas
parenchymapart, weaveleaf, cortex, pithanimate_part
parotid glandpart, gland, glandulargland, mandiblebehave_partmumps
part of the bodypartpart of hand between thumb and index finger, part above the waist, part of the scalp where the hair is whorled, part of a historical period, part between the eyebrowsbehave_part
passages through which vital energy circulates, regulating bodily functionspartbehave_part
pedicelpart, stem, handlecalyx, bud, petal, floral envelope, perianth, pollenplant_part, embryo_partcotton
pelvic cavitypart, cavitybehave_part
pepsinpart, protease, proteinaseenzyme, stomach, proteinanimate_partstomach, protease
perennial rootpart, root, base, origin, source, footplant_part, base_part
perianthpartcalyx, bud, petal, floral envelope, pedicel, pollenplant_part, embryo_partcotton
pericardiumpartmyocardium, heart, auricle, cardiac musclebehave_part, heart_partheart
peripherypart, outside, surface, externalbehave_part, external_type
petalpart, petal, section, segment, clove, draft, fragment, valvecorolla, stamen, flower, calyx, bud, floral envelopeplant_part, embryo_partcotton, flower
petiolepart, stem, handleleaf, leaf blade, chlorophyll, leaf surface, leaf bud, leaf axilplant_partleaf
phagepart, bodygenome, cell, cell wall, cell nucleusbehave_partbacterium, bacteriophage
phosphoproteinpart, proteinbehave_part, embryo_part
physical structurepart, bodyphysical bodybehave_part
physiological sphincterpart, flesh, musclebehave_part
pigmentpart, elementmelanin, skin, hair, whites, latticed door, partition boardanimate_partwhite
pine needlepartpine cone, pine nut, pineconeplant_partpine
pistillate flowerpart, essence, flower, bloom, blossomplant_part, embryo_part
pit of the stomachpart, entrance, openingbehave_part, heart_part
pitpartplant_part, embryo_part
pithpartparenchyma, rootbehave_part
pituitary bodypart, bodybehave_part
plasmapartblood, blood flow, blood flowing like a river, bloodbath, blood serum, blood cellbehave_part, red_typeblood, plasmapheresis
plateletpartfibrin, blood, blood cell, blood platelet, plasma, blood flowbehave_partblood, hematology, apheresis, plasmapheresis, blood bank, thrombosis
pleurapart, membrane, membranousbehave_partpleurisy
plumulepart, bud, sprout, shootplant_part, embryo_part
podpart, podpea, legume straw, bean, beanstalk, bean segment, bean sproutplant_part, embryo_partpeas, beans
pollenpartanther, stamen, gamete, flower, calyx, budplant_part, embryo_partcotton, plant, flower
pool of bloodpartbehave_part, red_type
pork ribspart, item, twigpork skinbehave_part, bone_part
postilpartplant_part, embryo_part
premature droppartplant_part, embryo_part
prostatepart, gland, glandularrectum, glandbehave_partprostatitis, prostatectomy
proteasephysicalbehave_part, perception_contentprotein, enzyme, pepsin
proteinpartRNA, fibrin, legume, keratin, collagen, actinbehave_part, embryo_partprotease, proteinuria, egg white
proteinasephysicalbehave_part, perception_content
prothrombinpart, elementbloodbehave_part, embryo_partthrombin
pseudocarppartplant_part, embryo_part
ptyalinpart, amylaseamylasebehave_part, embryo_part
pubispart, bone, skeleton, frameworkbehave_part, bone_part
pupilparteye, eye socket, eyebrow, tears, eye-bag, eyegroundbehave_parteye
puspartbehave_partabscess, pustule
pyloruspart, gate, door, valve, switchbehave_part
radiclepart, root, base, origin, source, footroot, embryo, basis, foundation, rhizome, taprootplant_part, base_partembryo, root
rear foot in a steppart, base, foot, feetrear sight, rear office, rear lamp, rear lightbehave_part, foot_partrear
receptaclepartcalyx, bud, petal, floral envelope, perianth, pedicelplant_part, embryo_partcotton
rectumpartprostate, anusbehave_partrectitis
red autumnal leavespart, leaf, foliagered bean, red pepper, red blood cellplant_partred
red blood cellpart, afterbirthred bean, red pepper, red autumnal leavesbehave_partred
red blood cellpartred bean, red pepper, red autumnal leavesbehave_part, red_type
reed catkinspart, essence, flower, bloom, blossomplant_part, embryo_partreed
renal pelvispartkidneybehave_part
renalpart, department, headquarters, ministrybehave_part
rhizomepart, stem, stalkstem, root, basis, foundation, taproot, radicleplant_partroot
rhyzoidpart, root, base, origin, source, footplant_part, base_part
ribpartintercostal musclebehave_part, bone_part
ribonucleic acidpartanimate_part
ribosepartRNA, DNA, glycoproteinanimate_partcarbohydrate, sugar
rind of reedpartrind of sorghumplant_part, cover_part
rind of sorghumpartrind of reedplant_part, cover_part
RNApartribose, genome, gene, enzyme, guanine, proteinanimate_partRNAi
root and shootpartroot of a plant, root word, root bark of the tree peony, root tuber, root of the tongue, root of a treeplant_partroot
root of a plantpartroot word, root bark of the tree peony, root and shoot, root tuber, root of the tongue, root of a treeplant_part, base_part
root tuberpart, root, base, origin, source, footroot of a plant, root word, root bark of the tree peony, root and shoot, root of the tongue, root of a treeplant_part, base_part
rootexpressionsquare rootplant_part, base_part, express_instrument, communicate_instrument, think_instrument, record_destinationradicle, taproot, rhizome, basis, foundation, grounds
sacrumpart, vertebravertebra, coccyxbehave_part, bone_part
salivary glandpart, gland, glandulargland, body fluidbehave_partsaliva
samarapartrind, fruits, drupe, legume, nut, coneplant_part, embryo_partfruit
scapulapart, scapulaclavicle, humerus, shoulder, shoulder bladebehave_part, bone_partshoulder
scent glandpart, gland, glandularbehave_part
sciatic nervepart, nerve, channelsthigh, nervebehave_partsciatica
screen of plantspartscreen door (between the outer and inner courtyards of an old-style Chinese residence), screen window, screen door, screen wall facing the gate of a Chinese houseplant_part, cover_part
sea of bloodpartsea surfacebehave_part, red_type
sebaceous glandspart, gland, glandularbehave_part
seed of hemppartplant_part, embryo_part
seedpartspore, core, cotyledon, drupe, stone, fruitplant_part, embryo_partgrow, pistachio, angiosperm, bean, seedling, kernel
seminal ductpart, tubebehave_part
serum albuminpart, albumenserum globulinbehave_part, embryo_partserum
serum globulinpart, globulin, albumenserum albuminbehave_part, embryo_partserum
serumpartblood serumbehave_partserum albumin, serum globulin, serology, serologist
sessile leafpart, leaf, foliageplant_part
shellpartbehave_part, cover_part
shelled or husked seedpartplant_part, embryo_part
shootpartbudplant_part, embryo_part
shoulder bladepart, scapulascapula, armbehave_part, bone_partshoulder
shoulderparthumerus, scapula, clavicle, arm, elbow, wristbehave_part, arm_partshoulder to shoulder, arm, shoulder to shoulder and hub to hub, shoulder board, shoulder mark, shoulder blade
side shootpart, branch, twigside door, side entrance, side of the road, side of the verge, side of a ship, side gate of an imperial palaceplant_part, limb_partside
sinuspartnosebehave_part, opening_part
six hollow organs of stomachpart, viscerabehave_partsix
skeletal musclepart, flesh, musclebone, skeleton, muscle, hingebehave_partskeletal, skeleton, joint
skeletalpartbone, pelvis, framebehave_part, bone_partskeleton, skeletal muscle
skeletonpart, frame, outline, framework, skeleton, egg, seedepiphysis, frame, marrow, pelvis, periosteum, diaphysisbehave_part, bone_partbone, skeletal muscle
skin and musclepart, skinskin of fruit, skin texture, skin of bamboobehave_part
skinparthide, gland, epithelium, pigment, collagen, rindanimate_part, cover_partparesthesia, dermatology, peel, skinny, skin and bones, fur
skinparthide, collagen, gland, epithelium, pigment, epidermisbehave_part, cover_part, handle_patient, appear_locationskin cancer, paraesthesia, skin graft
skullparthead, brain, cranium, bone, frontal bonebehave_partbrain, head, brain tumor
skullpartbrain, bone, frontal bonebehave_part, bone_part
small eyepartsmall opening, small hole, small bits, small yard, small door, small hole on the axletreebehave_part
smooth musclepart, flesh, musclemuscle, involuntary musclebehave_partsmooth
snoutpart, lipsbehave_part, opening_part
solepartfoot, heel, toe, instep, ankle, pedalbehave_part, foot_partfoot
solitary flowerpart, essence, flower, bloom, blossomplant_part, embryo_part
somaticpart, bodybehave_part
soybean sproutpart, bud, sprout, shootsoybeanplant_part, embryo_partsoybean, soya bean
spawnpartbehave_part, embryo_part
spermatic ductpart, tubebehave_part
sphenoidpart, bone, skeleton, frameworkbehave_part, bone_part
spinapartbehave_part, bone_part
spinal columnpart, column, pillar, postspinal cord, spinebehave_part, bone_partvertebrate, polio
spinal cordpart, marrow, pithspine, brain, vertebra, neuron, spinal column, backbehave_partspine, vertebrate
spinepartvertebra, backbone, back, spinal cord, back, spinal columnbehave_part, bone_partvertebra, backbone, back, spinal cord, vertebrate
spiraclepart, hole, opening, aperture, perforationstigmabehave_partspirit
spleenpartabdomenbehave_partspleenful, splenetic, splenitis
sproutpartplant_part, embryo_part
spurious fruitpartplant_part, embryo_part
stalk of grainpartstalk or branchplant_part
stalk or branchpartstalk of grainplant_part, limb_part
stalkpart, stem, stalkgrass rootplant_partstalks left after threshing, grass, straw
stalks left after threshingpartplant_partstalk
stamenpartpollen, flowerplant_part, embryo_part
stem cellpart, afterbirthstem of a plant, stem tuberanimate_part
stem of a plantpartstem cell, stem tuberplant_part, base_part
stem of a plantpartstem cell, stem tuberplant_part
stem tuberpart, stem, stalkstem of a plant, stem cellplant_part
stempartbulb, rhizome, flowerplant_partsteady, steer
stigmapart, gate, door, valve, switchspiraclebehave_part
stipulepart, leaf, foliageplant_part
stomapart, hole, opening, aperture, perforationpore, valve, gas holeplant_part, opening_partgas
stomachpartabdomen, pepsin, duodenum, digestive system, bellybehave_parttripe, abdomen, laparotomy
stonepartdrupe, seedplant_part, embryo_partdrupe
strawpartwheat stubble, wheat straw, wheatear, wheat branplant_partwheat
striated musclepart, flesh, musclebehave_part
stump of a plantpartplant_part, base_part
stylepart, column, pillar, postflower, calyx, bud, petal, floral envelope, perianthplant_part, embryo_partcotton, flower
subcutaneous tissuepart, weavebehave_partsubcutaneous
subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy, blood and nutriment circulatepartbehave_part
sunflower seedpart, seedseedplant_part, embryo_partsunflower, sunflower oil, sunflower-seed oil
sweat glandpart, gland, glandulargland, sweat potatobehave_part
sweatpartbehave_partsweaty, sweatshop
sympathetic nervepart, nerve, channelsbehave_partsympathectomy
sythetic proteinpart, proteinartificial limb, artificial skin, artificial kidneybehave_part, embryo_partartificially, artificial
T cellpart, afterbirthantibody, antigen, thymus, lymphocyte, T lymphocyteanimate_part
T lymphocytepart, afterbirthT cellanimate_part
tailpartcoccyxbehave_part, tail_parttail-like part, tail lamp, taillight, coccyx, tail trace, tailings
tallowpartgrease, fatbehave_partfat, grease, oil
taprootpart, root, base, origin, source, footturnip, carrot, root, radishplant_part, base_part
taprootpart, root, base, origin, source, footturnip, carrot, root, radish, basis, foundationplant_part, limb_partroot
tearful eyespart, eyebehave_part
tearsparteyelid, eye, tear, eye socket, eyebrow, eye-bagbehave_parteye, tear
tendonpartligament, muscle, sinew, bonebehave_part
tendonpart, tendonligament, muscle, bone, muscular tissue, actin, bodybehave_partmuscle
tendrilled vinepartplant_part
terminal budpart, bud, sprout, shootplant_part, embryo_part
thighpart, legthighbone, femur, leg, sciatic nervebehave_part, leg_partthigh, ham, femur, thighbone
thighbonepart, bone, skeleton, frameworkthigh, femurbehave_part, bone_partthigh
thin end of a twigpartthin end of a twig of a willow treeplant_part
thoracic vertebrapart, vertebrathymusbehave_part, bone_partthorax
thumbpartfinger, hand, index finger, palm, handle, wristbehave_part, arm_parthand
thymus glandpart, gland, glandularthymus, thymus lymphocytebehave_part
thymus lymphocytepart, afterbirththymus glandanimate_part
thymuspart, gland, glandulargland, lymphocyte, T cell, thymus gland, thoracic vertebrabehave_partthorax
thyroid glandpart, gland, glandularglandbehave_partthyroidectomy, hypothyroidism, thyroid hormone, thyroxine
tillerpartplant_part, limb_part, child_type
tip of a hairpart, tip, end, nonessentialstip of a plait, tip of the brow, tip of the tongue, tip of hair, tip of a twigbehave_part
tip of a twigparttip of a plait, tip of a hair, tip of the brow, tip of the tongue, tip of hairplant_part, limb_part
tip of the browpart, tiptip of a plait, tip of a hair, tip of the tongue, tip of hair, tip of a twigbehave_part
tonsilpart, bodybehave_parttonsillitis, tonsillectomy, tonsilitis
torsopart, trunktrunkbehave_part
transverse colonpart, colontransverse sectionbehave_parttransverse
true fruitparttrue essence, true meaningplant_part, embryo_parttruely, true, truly
trunk of a treepartplant_part
trunkparttorso, body, branch, twig, bark, leaveplant_partbranch, trunk stream, trunk canal, trunk line
trunkpart, trunktorso, body, branchbehave_part
tubular flowerpart, essence, flower, bloom, blossomplant_part, embryo_parttube
twigpart, branch, twigleave, bark, branch, trunk, branch, stumpplant_part, limb_parttree, branch
ulnapart, bone, skeleton, frameworkjoint, humerus, forearm, bonebehave_part, bone_part
upper armpartupper of a shoe, upper part of the body, upper lip, upper respiratory tract, upper and lower tooth, upper limbsbehave_part, arm_partupper, up
upper limbspart, limbupper of a shoe, upper arm, upper part of the body, upper lip, upper respiratory tract, upper and lower toothbehave_part, limb_partupper, up
upper respiratory tractpartupper of a shoe, upper arm, upper part of the body, upper lip, upper and lower tooth, upper limbsbehave_partupper, up
ureterpart, tubekidney, urethrabehave_parturine
vagalpart, nerve, channelsbehave_part
valvepart, membrane, membranouspiston, safety valvebehave_part
veinpartblood, liver, arm, circulatory systemplant_partangiology, vasculitis
veins that stand out under the skinpartbehave_part
venompartbehave_part, poisonous_typevenomous, poison, toxin, viper, toxicity
ventral finpart, finbehave_part, foot_part
vertebrapartsacrum, coccyx, spine, back, spinal cord, vertebral columnbehave_part, bone_partchordate, vertebra, back, spine, vertebrate
vertebral columnpart, column, pillar, postnotochord, coccyx, vertebrabehave_part, bone_part
vertebralpart, bone, skeleton, frameworkbehave_part, bone_part
vesselpart, tubebehave_part
villuspart, hair, down, featherbehave_part, fine_type
visceralpart, viscerabehave_part
warm bloodpart, bloodbehave_part, red_typewarmly, warm
water caltroppartwater chestnut, water supply line, water supply line and sewer, water shieldplant_part, embryo_partwater chestnut
water chestnutpartwater caltrop, water supply line, water supply line and sewer, water shieldplant_part, embryo_partwater caltrop
watery bloodpartbehave_part, red_type
wheat stubblepart, stubblewheat straw, wheat bran, straw, wheatearplant_partwheat
white blood cellpart, afterbirthwhite hair, white of the eye, white gourd, white of an egg, white teeth, latticed doorbehave_partwhite
white of the eyepartwhite hair, white blood cell, white gourd, white of an egg, white teeth, latticed doorbehave_partwhite
whitespart, tyrelatticed door, partition board, coiled bun, white hair, white blood cell, white of the eyebehave_part, female_typewhite
whole bodypart, bodywhole course of an event, wholenessbehave_part, all_typewholly, whole
whole bodypart, bodywhole course of an eventbehave_part
wristpart, wrist, egg, seedhumerus, carpus, arm, forearm, elbow, palmbehave_part, arm_parthand, arm, bangle, bracelet, handcuffs, carpus
wry neckpart, neckbehave_part, slanted_typewry
young shootpart, bud, sprout, shootyoung soya bean, young pilose antler, young shoot of a reedplant_part, embryo_partyoung