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Specializations of ARTIFACT-AGENT

readings (3)
wealth (2)

Related ARTIFACT Aspects

instrument (1)
location (8)
part (431)
purpose (1)

Index of Concepts

Concept Categories Similarity Cluster Functional Roles Related Concepts
erotologisthuman, writer, scientist, specialistpornographer, erotomania, sex mania, porn-mongerreadings_agentpornographic, erotology, sexy, erotic, lascivious
petty bourgeoisiecommunity, bourgeoisie, bourgeois, burgher, classbourgeoisie, ingroup, coterie, team, squad, factionwealth_agent, thing_whole, forming_agent, manage_patient, defend_patientpetty, small, few
pornographerhuman, author, writer, -er, -isterotologist, erotomania, sex mania, porn-mongerreadings_agentpornographic, sexy, erotic, pornography, lascivious
sports writerhuman, columnist, writerfan, sports fan, sports reporterreadings_agentsports