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Specializations of BEHAVE-METHOD

behave (3)

Related BEHAVE Aspects

action (67)
agent (26)
belong (4)
content (216)
event (4)
instrument (26)
location (29)
manner (32)
not_content (1)
not_instrument (1)
part (551)
patient (1)
relevant (1)
setting (135)
time (4)
type (4)
whole (79)

Analogies for BEHAVE-METHOD

behave (3)

Index of Concepts

Concept Categories Similarity Cluster Functional Roles Related Concepts
beauty trapplans, tactics, plan, stratagem, ideagood planbehave_method, detailed_type, use_patient, think_event, abstract_type, mental_contentbeauty, good, beautiful
go Dutchmethodself-defence techniques, ruse of self-injurybehave_method, use_patient, think_event, abstract_type, mental_content, thing_contentself
ruse of self-injuryplans, tactics, plan, stratagem, ideago Dutchbehave_method, detailed_type, use_patient, think_event, abstract_type, mental_contentself