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Dimensions of BURN-PATIENT

ascend (1)
height (1)

Metonymies for BURN-PATIENT

agent (1)
instrument (2)

Related BURN Aspects

action (12)
agent (37)
instrument (2)
location (27)
material (63)
target (419)

Analogies for BURN-PATIENT

heat (257)

Index of Concepts

Concept Categories Similarity Cluster Functional Roles Related Concepts
agalloch eaglewoodtoolburn_patient, salute_instrument
high-quality joss sticktoolburn_patient, salute_instrumenthigh-end, high
house where a fire startedbuildingburn_patient, mishap_source, build_patientfire
incense coiltoolincense burnerburn_patient, salute_instrument
incensetoolperfume, sandalwood fan, perfume bag, perfumed soapburn_patient, salute_instrumentclove, aroma, ambergris, frankincense, sandalwood, perfume
joss sticktooljoss sticks and candles burning at a temple, joss sticks and candlesburn_patient, salute_instrumentincense burner table, pilgrim, incense burner
joss sticks and candles burning at a templetool, ammunition, firearmsjoss stick, joss sticks and candlesburn_patient, salute_instrument
joss sticks and candlestool, candlejoss stick, joss sticks and candles burning at a templeburn_patient, salute_instrument
mosquito-repellent incensetoolmosquito netburn_patient, expel_instrumentmosquito
slender stick of incensetoolslender pointed piece of bamboo or woodburn_patient, salute_instrument