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Dimensions of CAUSE-LOCATION

color (1)
density (1)

Metonymies for CAUSE-LOCATION

cause (2)
relevant (2)

Related CAUSE Aspects

cause (8)
action (15)
cause (8)
event (4)
relevant (28)
result (4)
time (3)

Analogies for CAUSE-LOCATION

affect (8)
infect (3)

Index of Concepts

Concept Categories Similarity Cluster Functional Roles Related Concepts
green shadeplacecause_locationgreen
shadeplace, backsunny spotcause_locationmoon, tree, sunlight, shadow, shady and cool, shadowy and cool
sunny spotlocationshadecause_location, event_locationsunshine, sun, sunlight
thick leafy shadeplacecause_locationthick