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Dimensions of COMPUTER-PART

attachment (1)
behavior (1)
friendliness (1)
hardness (2)
priority (1)
size (1)

Analogies for COMPUTER-PART

furniture (3)
implement (255)
machine (60)
MusicTool (13)
software (2)
SportTool (2)
tool (13)
vehicle (80)
weapon (15)

Index of Concepts

Concept Categories Similarity Cluster Functional Roles Related Concepts
buspart, clueshuttlecomputer_part
CD drivepartCD drivercomputer_part
CD driverpart, organCD drivecomputer_partCD
central processing unitpartsecretariat, CPU, gist, central issue, central section, central nervous systemcomputer_part, heart_partmiddle, central, center
computer hardwareparthardwarecomputer_part
CPUpartsecretariat, gist, central processing unit, head word, central idea, department under the Party Central Committeecomputer_part, heart_partmiddle, central, center
disc drivepart, organdisc chuckcomputer_part
drivepart, organcomputer_part
driverpart, organcomputer_part
electronic penpart, stroke, touchelectronic componentcomputer_part
enter keypart, bond, keyenter portcomputer_partenter
floppy disk driverpart, organfloppy disk drivecomputer_partfloppy, floppy disk
hardwarepartcomputer hardware, hard disc, hard bone, hard disk, hard sleeper, hard palatecomputer_parthard
light penpart, stroke, touchlight quantum, light cavalry, light contingent corps, photoncomputer_partlights, light
mainboardpartmain entrance, main memory, main root, main aspect, main trend, main bodycomputer_partmain
microprocessorpart, pivotchip, integrated circuit, trace element, microelectronic, microelectronics, keycomputer_part, heart_partmicro-, micro, microcomputer, computer, microwave oven
processorpart, pivotcomputer_part, heart_part
software and hardwarepartsoft sleeper, soft palatecomputer_partsoft