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Dimensions of COVER-PART

amount (3)
behavior (1)
form (1)
severity (1)
slope (2)

Metonymies for COVER-PART

action (1)
instrument (8)
patient (2)

Related COVER Aspects

action (34)
agent (9)
instrument (639)
location (1)
material (5)
patient (12)
time (2)

Analogies for COVER-PART

arm (28)
base (83)
bone (141)
edge (97)
embryo (154)
foot (37)
heart (102)
leg (37)
limb (31)
opening (208)
tail (35)
whole (1121)

Index of Concepts



















Concept Categories Similarity Cluster Functional Roles Related Concepts
animal skinpart, skin, surface, coveranimal_part, cover_partanimal, leather
appearancepart, side, surface, top, coverthing_part, cover_part, external_typeform
artificial skinpart, skin, skinartificial limb, artificial kidney, sythetic proteinbehave_part, cover_part, artificial_typeartificial
baby facepart, frontcover_partbaby
barkpart, skin, surface, covertwig, trunk, leave, branches and leaves, spin-off, branchtree_part, cover_partresin, branch, tree
barren slopepart, slopeland_part, cover_part, barren_typebarren
baseboardpartwall, skirting boardbuilding_part, cover_partboard
between the eyebrowspart, centre, corecover_part
bluffpartcover_part, steep_typehanging, wall hanging, rise steeply, stand like a wall, tapestry
both cheekspartboth places, both sides, both ends, both parties, both flanks, both wingscover_partboth
brick wallpart, walllatticed door, partition board, coiled bunbuilding_part, cover_partbrick
browspart, remnant, top, head, side, aspect, endcover_partbrow
bud scalepartfish_part, cover_part
callositypart, calluscallusbehave_part, cover_part, hard_typeovergrown, callus
calluspartcallositybehave_part, cover_part, hard_typeovergrown, callosity
carapacepartbehave_part, cover_part
casepartphysical_part, cover_part
casingpartphysical_part, cover_part
cassia barkpart, skin, surface, covercassia twigtree_part, cover_partcassiabark tree
cast of one's facepartcover_part
cattlehidepart, skin, surface, covermeat, ox hornlivestock_part, cover_partcattle
chaffpartcrop_part, cover_part
chammypart, skin, surface, coveranimal_part, cover_part
chamoispart, skin, surface, coveranimal_part, cover_part
cheekpartface, cheek bone, cheek pouch, facecover_partcheek, face, cheek bone, cheek pouch
cheekpartfacebehave_part, cover_part
cliffpartrock stratum, ridge, peak, mountain range, mountain pass, mountain slopecover_part, steep_typerock, mountain, hanging, wall hanging, rise steeply, stand like a wall
cloth coverpart, side, surface, top, coverartifact_part, cover_partcloth
coatpart, floor, storey, layer, stratumphysical_part, cover_part
coatingpart, floor, storey, layer, stratumphysical_part, cover_partcoat hanger
coconut shellpart, shell, case, housing, casingcover_partcoconut tree, coco, coconut palm, coconut
complexionpart, skin, surface, coverbehave_part, cover_part
contours of the facepartcover_part
cornerlocationcover_part, angular_type, event_location
coverpartartifact_part, cover_part
coveringpartphysical_part, cover_part
cragpartcover_part, steep_typehanging, wall hanging, rise steeply, stand like a wall, tapestry
crenelationpartbuilding_part, cover_part
crow's feettracecover_part
crustpart, shell, case, housing, casingmassif, stratum, mantleearth_part, cover_partgeology
crustpart, shell, case, housing, casingbehave_part, cover_partcrustacean
cuticlepart, skin, surface, coverleaf, epidermisbehave_part, cover_part
deerskinpart, skin, surface, coverantler, deerhornanimal_part, cover_partdeer
dermapart, skin, surface, coveranimal_part, cover_part
dilapidated wallpart, wallbuilding_part, cover_part, incomplete_type
double-fold eyelidpart, skin, surface, coverdouble helixcover_partdouble
dumpling wrapperpart, skin, surface, coverfood_part, cover_partdumpling
earth's surfacepart, side, surface, top, coverearth_part, cover_part
eggshellpart, shell, case, housing, casingegg whitecover_partegg
enclosing wallpart, wallbuilding_part, cover_partenclose
enclosurepart, wallbuilding_part, cover_part
epidermispart, skin, surface, coverskin, cuticlebehave_part, cover_part
epithelial tissuepart, weave, tissuebehave_part, cover_part
epitheliumpart, skin, surface, coverskinbehave_part, cover_partepithelioma
erminepart, skin, surface, coveranimal_part, cover_parthide
exteriorpart, side, surface, top, coverphysical_part, cover_part
externalpartthing_part, cover_part, external_type
eye-bagparteye socket, eyebrow, tears, eyeground, eyeholecover_parteye
eyelidpart, skin, surface, covertears, eyecover_partcornea, eyelash, eye
facepartfacial, cheek, cheek bone, cheek pouchcover_partcheek, facial makeup in opera
facepart, side, surface, top, covercheekthing_part, cover_part, external_type
facialpart, department, headquarters, ministryfacecover_partmask, towel, face
fish scalepart, scalefishbone, roefish_part, cover_partfish
frontpartarmyphysical_part, cover_part
gable endpart, wallgable wallbuilding_part, cover_part
gable wallpart, wallgable endbuilding_part, cover_part
gablepart, wallbuilding_part, cover_part
general appearancepartgeneral office, general idea, general Party branch, general branchcover_part
gentle slopepart, slopeland_part, cover_part, gradual_typegentle
glass screen wallpart, wallglass eye, windshieldbuilding_part, cover_partglass
goatskinpart, sheepskin, skin, surface, covergoatee, cashmerebeast_part, cover_partgoat
hard surfaceparthard shoulder, hard disc, hard bone, hard disk, hard sleeper, hard palatephysical_part, cover_part
hidepart, skin, surface, coverskinanimal_part, cover_part
hillsidepart, sloperidge, cave, cavern, foot of a hill, mountain pass, passcover_parthill, protruding
hogskinpart, skin, surface, coverlivestock_part, cover_parthog
housingpartbehave_part, cover_part
human skinpart, skin, surface, coverhuman body, human genome, human headbehave_part, cover_part
lambskinpart, skin, surface, coverbeast_part, cover_partlamb
latice wallpart, wallbuilding_part, cover_part
leaf surfacepart, side, surface, top, coverleaf mustard, leaf blade, leaf sheath, leaf bud, leaf axil, petiolecover_partleaf
ledgepartcover_part, steep_typehanging, wall hanging, rise steeply, stand like a wall, tapestry
liquid surfacepart, side, surface, top, coverliquid body substance, downpipe, downspoutliquid_part, cover_partliquid
lower eyelidpart, skin, surface, coverlower part of the body, lower level, lower part, lower lip, lower reaches, lower limbscover_part
membranepartplant_part, cover_part
mopboardpartbuilding_part, cover_part
mountain slopepart, slopemountain range, mountain pass, cliff, ridge, peak, cavecover_partmountain, protruding
mountain slopepartmountain range, mountain passland_part, cover_part, slanted_type
nailparttoenail, finger, toebehave_part, cover_partnail polish
nooklocationcover_part, angular_type, event_location
northern slope of mountainspart, slopenorthern hemisphere, northern part of the country, northern territory, northern suburbs, northern foot of a mountainland_part, cover_part, north_type
ocean surfacepart, side, surface, top, covermarinewaters_part, cover_partocean
outer casingpart, shell, case, housing, casingouter leaf of vegetable, outer leaf, outer suburbs, outer skin, outer part, outer formphysical_part, cover_part
outer coveringpart, shell, case, housing, casingouter leaf of vegetable, outer leaf, outer suburbs, outer skin, outer part, outer formphysical_part, cover_part
outer layerpart, floor, storey, layer, stratumouter leaf of vegetable, outer leaf, outer suburbs, outer skin, outer part, outer formcover_partouter space
outer partpart, egg, seedouter leaf of vegetable, outer leaf, outer suburbs, outer skin, outer form, outer layerphysical_part, cover_part
outer skinpartouter leaf of vegetable, outer leaf, outer suburbs, outer part, outer form, outer layerinanimate_part, cover_part
outsidepartthing_part, cover_part, external_typeoutside and inside
outsidepart, egg, seedphysical_part, cover_part
overhanging cliffpartcover_part, steep_type
partition boardpartflywheel, whites, partition wall, latticed door, coiled bun, white hairbuilding_part, cover_partbrick, hot, bright, dry, fly, white
partition wallpart, wallpartition board, heat shieldbuilding_part, cover_partpartition
partitionpartbuilding_part, cover_part
pavementpart, side, surface, top, coverroute_part, cover_part
peelpart, skin, surface, coverskinfruit_part, cover_part
periosteumpart, membrane, membranousskeleton, bone, diaphysis, pelvis, marrow, epiphysiscover_partbone
peritonaeumpart, membrane, membranousmembranecover_partperitonitis
pigskinpart, skin, surface, coverpig's head, pig's manelivestock_part, cover_partpig
pork skinpart, skin, surface, coverpork ribslivestock_part, cover_part
precipicepartcover_part, steep_typehanging, wall hanging, rise steeply, stand like a wall, tapestry
rice branpartrice straw, rice husk, rice chaffcover_partrice
rice chaffpartrice straw, rice husk, rice brancrop_part, cover_part
rice huskpart, shell, case, housing, casingrice straw, rice bran, rice chaffcrop_part, cover_partrice
rind of reedpartrind of sorghumplant_part, cover_part
rind of sorghumpartrind of reedplant_part, cover_part
rindpart, skin, surface, coverfruit, skin, samara, fruits, drupe, legumefruit_part, cover_partfruit
river surfacepart, side, surface, top, coverriver mouth, river bend, river head, river source, river bend or mountain recess, watershedcover_partriver, linear
road surfacepart, side, surface, top, coverkurb, curb, road junction, railway maintenance squad, level crossing, causewayroute_part, cover_partroad
round facepart, frontround collarcover_part, round_type
rows of tiles on a roofpartbuilding_part, cover_part
sable furpart, ermine, skin, surface, coveranimal_part, cover_partsable
sausage casingpart, afterbirth, coating, coveringfood_part, cover_part
scale and nailspart, claw, talonscale and shellfish_part, cover_part
scale and shellpart, shell, carapace, nailscale and nailsfish_part, cover_part
scalepartfish_part, cover_partscaly
screen of plantspartscreen door (between the outer and inner courtyards of an old-style Chinese residence), screen window, screen door, screen wall facing the gate of a Chinese houseplant_part, cover_part
screen wall facing the gate of a housefittings, wallbuilding_part, cover_part
sea surfacepart, side, surface, top, coversea of bloodwaters_part, cover_partsea
seashellpartfish_part, cover_part
sharkskinpart, skin, surface, coverfish_part, cover_partshark
sheepskinpart, skin, surface, coverhorn, meat, wool, sheepsheadlivestock_part, cover_partsheep
shellpartphysical_part, cover_part
shellpartbehave_part, cover_part
shellpartcovering forceanimal_part, cover_partcanopy, cover
shellpart, shell, case, housing, casingfish_part, cover_part
short and low wallpartshort hair, short sleeve, short braid, surface of a wallbuilding_part, cover_part, StatureShort_typewall
single-fold eyelidpart, skin, surface, covercover_partsingle
skin of bamboopartskin of fruit, skin and muscle, skin texturetree_part, cover_part
skin of fruitpart, skin, surface, coverskin and muscle, skin texture, skin of bamboofruit_part, cover_part
skinparthide, gland, epithelium, pigment, collagen, rindanimate_part, cover_partparesthesia, dermatology, peel, skinny, skin and bones, fur
skinparthide, collagen, gland, epithelium, pigment, epidermisbehave_part, cover_part, handle_patient, appear_locationskin cancer, paraesthesia, skin graft
skirting boardpartdado, baseboardbuilding_part, cover_part
slopepartinclined planeland_part, cover_part, slanted_typesloping fields
square facepartsquare raftercover_part, square_typesquare
steep cliffpartsteep slopecover_part, steep_typestern, steep
steep slopepart, slopesteep cliffcover_part, steep_typesteep
surface layerpart, floor, storey, layer, stratumsurface of a wallthing_part, cover_part, external_type
surface of a wallpart, side, surface, top, coversurface layer, short and low wallcover_partwall
surfacepart, outside, surface, externalearth_part, cover_part, external_typesurface water
surfacepart, side, surface, top, coverinanimate_part, cover_part
surfacepartphysical_part, cover_part
surfacepartthing_part, cover_part, external_type
templepart, hole, cave, acupoint, densunspotcover_partsunshine
toppartrailroad carphysical_part, cover_part
upper eyelidpart, skin, surface, coverupper of a shoe, upper arm, upper part of the body, upper lip, upper respiratory tract, upper and lower toothcover_part
upper of a shoepartupper arm, upper part of the body, upper lip, upper respiratory tract, upper and lower tooth, upper limbscover_part
wall with carved muralspart, wallbuilding_part, cover_part
wallpartbaseboardbuilding_part, cover_part, decorate_patient, cover_patientwallpaper, mural, wall newspaper, wall lamp, hanging, wall hanging
walls surrounded a housepart, wallcover_part
walnut shellpart, shell, case, housing, casingfruit_part, cover_partwalnut
wheat branpartwheat stubble, wheat straw, straw, wheatearcover_partwheat
wooden partitionpart, wallbuilding_part, cover_partshutter
worthless stuffpartcrop_part, cover_part