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Analogies for EMBRYO-PART

arm (28)
base (83)
bone (141)
cover (168)
edge (97)
foot (37)
heart (102)
leg (37)
limb (31)
opening (208)
tail (35)
whole (1121)

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Concept Categories Similarity Cluster Functional Roles Related Concepts
achenepartfruit, samara, rind, fruits, drupe, legumeplant_part, embryo_partfruit
acornpart, fruit, seedfruittree_part, embryo_partoak
actinpartorganism, muscle, protein, muscular tissue, body, tendonbehave_part, embryo_partmuscle
afterbirthpart, afterbirth, coating, coveringplacentaembryo_part
afterbirthpartbehave_part, embryo_part
albumenpartalbumin, egg white, proteinembryo_partalbuminuria, egg white
albuminpartbilirubin, protein, albumenbehave_part, embryo_part
aleuronepartbehave_part, embryo_part
amnionpart, membrane, membranousbehave_part, embryo_part
amylasepart, enzyme, zymeptyalin, enzymebehave_part, embryo_part
aniseedpartplant_part, embryo_part
apricot stonepart, nucleus, pit, stone, nuclearfruit_part, embryo_partapricot
axillary budpart, bud, sprout, shootarmpitplant_part, embryo_partaxilla, axil
barnyard milletpart, egg, seedplant_part, embryo_partbarnyard grass
bean sproutfood, bud, sprout, shootbean curd with odor, bean curd, bean product, bean jelly, thin sheets of bean curd, dried bean curdplant_part, embryo_part, cook_patient, put_patient, hold_patient, produce_patientpeas, beans
beanpartcowpea, pea, legume, castor bean, kernel, cotyledonplant_part, embryo_partseed, peas, beans
blighted grainpartplant_part, embryo_partblighted
bollpartplant_part, embryo_part
budpartshoot, calyx, petal, floral envelope, perianth, pedicelplant_part, embryo_partcotton, plant, bud-tea
calyxpartbud, petal, floral envelope, perianth, pedicel, pollenplant_part, embryo_partcotton, flower
capsulepartfruitplant_part, embryo_part
caryopsispartfruit, samara, rind, fruits, drupe, legumeplant_part, embryo_partfruit
castor beanpart, seedseed, beancrop_part, embryo_partcastor-oil plant
catalasepart, enzyme, zymeenzymebehave_part, embryo_partoxygen
ceratinpartkeratinbehave_part, embryo_part
Chinese cabbagepart, rapeseed, seedrapeseed, Chinese yam, Chinese toon, Chinese wolfberryvegetable_part, embryo_partrape
Chinese wolfberrypart, egg, seedChinese cabbage, Chinese yam, Chinese toontree_part, embryo_part
chitinpartcell wallbehave_part, embryo_part
coagulasepart, elementbehave_part, embryo_part
collagenpartligament, skin, protein, connective tissuebehave_part, embryo_part
conepartsamara, rind, fruits, drupe, legume, nutplant_part, embryo_partfruit, sphere
corncobpart, egg, seedcrop_part, embryo_part
corollapartstamen, petal, calyx, bud, floral envelope, perianthplant_part, embryo_partcotton
cotton bollpart, bud, bollcottonseedplant_part, embryo_partgeneral term for cotton and kapok, cotton
cottonseedpart, seedcotton bollplant_part, embryo_partgeneral term for cotton and kapok, cotton, cottonseed oil
date kernelpart, nucleus, pit, stone, nuclearfruit_part, embryo_partdate
dried human placentapartdried razor clambehave_part, embryo_part
drupepartseed, stone, fruit, samara, rind, fruitsplant_part, embryo_partstone, fruit
dry flowerpart, essence, flower, bloom, blossomlatticed door, partition board, coiled bunplant_part, embryo_partdry
duck's eggpart, eggmeatbird_part, embryo_partduck
ear of cornpart, egg, seedear of maize, ear of rice, ear of graincrop_part, embryo_part
ear of maizepart, egg, seedear of corn, ear of rice, ear of graincrop_part, embryo_part
egg capsule of a mantispartegg white, egg cellInsectWorm_part, embryo_part
egg cellpart, cell, cellular, afterbirthovum, egg white, egg capsule of a mantisbehave_part, embryo_part
egg whitepartalbumen, protein, egg cell, egg capsule of a mantis, eggshellembryo_partegg
eggpartroe, oviduct, eggplant, ovum, yolk, meatbehave_part, embryo_partovum, lecithin, ovary, pancake, cuckoo, meatball
eggpart, egg, ovum, spawnovumInsectWorm_part, embryo_parteggs
eggfoodomelette, cake, eggs, eggdrop soup, chicken wing, minced chickenbird_part, embryo_part, cook_patient, put_patient, hold_patient, produce_patientchicken, cake, egg white, eggshell
elastinpartconnective tissuebehave_part, embryo_partelastic
elm seedspart, podtree_part, embryo_partelm
embryopartcotyledon, radicle, seed, ovumanimate_part, embryo_partembryonal carcinoma, radicle
embryopart, tyre, embryo, foetus, roughcastfoetus, cotyledon, seed, radicle, ovum, foetal hairbehave_part, embryo_partfoetus, birth
embryopartovum, cotyledon, radicle, seedthing_part, embryo_part
embryonic formpartthing_part, embryo_part
endocarppart, peel, rind, skin, surface, coverplant_part, embryo_part
exocarppart, peel, rind, skin, surface, coverplant_part, embryo_part
female flowerpart, essence, flower, bloom, blossomplant_part, embryo_partfemale
ferritinpartbehave_part, embryo_part
fertilized eggpart, egg, ovum, spawnbehave_part, embryo_part
fibrinpartfibrinogen, platelet, proteinembryo_partfiber, fibrinogen
fibrinogenpartfibrinembryo_partfibrin, fiber
floral envelopepartfloral axis, floral axis, calyx, bud, petal, perianthplant_part, embryo_partflorid, cotton
flower budpart, bud, sprout, shootflower seed, calyx, bud, petal, floral envelope, perianthplant_part, embryo_partcotton, flowery, flower
flower seedpart, seedflower bud, calyx, bud, petal, floral envelope, perianthplant_part, embryo_partcotton, flowery, flower
foetal membranepart, membrane, membranousfoetal hair, embryoembryo_partfoetus
foetuspartembryobehave_part, embryo_partembryo, foetal hair, foetal membrane
fresh eggspart, eggfresh kidney bean, new chapter, new pagebird_part, embryo_partfresh
fruitpart, fruit, seedmulberry, acorn, nut, legume, drupe, caryopsisplant_part, embryo_partpomology, orchard, pistachio
fruitspart, fruit, seedsamara, rind, drupe, legume, nut, coneplant_part, embryo_partfruit
gelatinepartbehave_part, embryo_part
globulinpartbehave_part, embryo_partglobe
glumepartplant_part, embryo_part
glycoproteinpartantibody, ribosebehave_part, embryo_partsugar
grain huskpartplant_part, embryo_part
grainpartparticle, fruitspread_patient, plant_part, embryo_part
Hunan lotus seedpartplant_part, embryo_partHunan
keratinpartceratin, hair, proteinbehave_part, embryo_part
kernelpartbean, cotyledonplant_part, embryo_partseed
kernelpart, nucleus, pit, stone, nuclearnucleus, nuclear button, nucleonfruit_part, embryo_partnucleus
lactalbuminpart, albuminbehave_part, embryo_part
lateral budpart, bud, sprout, shootlateral root, lateral line, lateral branch, lateral radical of a Chinese characterplant_part, embryo_part
leaf budpart, bud, sprout, shootleaf mustard, leaf blade, leaf surface, leaf sheath, leaf axil, petioleembryo_partleaf
legumepartfruit, pea, bean, protein, samara, rindplant_part, embryo_partfruit
lotus seedpart, egg, seedlotus leaf, seedpod of the lotusplant_part, embryo_partlotus
melon seedpart, egg, seedpumpkin, cucumberplant_part, embryo_partgourd, melon
membrance of a reed stempart, membraneplant_part, embryo_part
mesocarppart, peel, rind, skin, surface, coverplant_part, embryo_part
mucinpart, elementmucusbehave_part, embryo_partmucus
mulberrypartfruittree_part, embryo_partwhite mulberry
mustard seedpart, egg, seedmustard, mustard greensvegetable_part, embryo_partmustard, mustard plaster, mustard gas
nitpartInsectWorm_part, embryo_part
nutpartthread, fruit, samara, rind, fruits, drupeplant_part, embryo_partfruit
oilseedpartoil horizon, oil layer, oil reservoir, oilwayplant_part, embryo_partoil, oily
ovumpartoviduct, gamete, embryo, egg, egg cell, Fallopian tubebehave_part, embryo_partovary, egg
peach kernelpart, nucleus, pit, stone, nuclearfruit_part, embryo_partpeach
pedicelpart, stem, handlecalyx, bud, petal, floral envelope, perianth, pollenplant_part, embryo_partcotton
perianthpartcalyx, bud, petal, floral envelope, pedicel, pollenplant_part, embryo_partcotton
petalpart, petal, section, segment, clove, draft, fragment, valvecorolla, stamen, flower, calyx, bud, floral envelopeplant_part, embryo_partcotton, flower
phosphoproteinpart, proteinbehave_part, embryo_part
pine conepartpine needle, pine nut, pineconetree_part, embryo_partpine
pine nutpart, egg, seedseed, pine cone, pine needle, pineconetree_part, embryo_partpine
pineconepartpine cone, pine needle, pine nuttree_part, embryo_partpine
pistillate flowerpart, essence, flower, bloom, blossomplant_part, embryo_part
pitpartplant_part, embryo_part
plumulepart, bud, sprout, shootplant_part, embryo_part
podpart, podpea, legume straw, bean, beanstalk, bean segment, bean sproutplant_part, embryo_partpeas, beans
pollenpartanther, stamen, gamete, flower, calyx, budplant_part, embryo_partcotton, plant, flower
postilpartplant_part, embryo_part
premature droppartplant_part, embryo_part
proteinpartRNA, fibrin, legume, keratin, collagen, actinbehave_part, embryo_partprotease, proteinuria, egg white
prothrombinpart, elementbloodbehave_part, embryo_partthrombin
pseudocarppartplant_part, embryo_part
ptyalinpart, amylase, enzyme, zymeamylasebehave_part, embryo_part
rapeseedpart, seedrape, seed, Chinese cabbagevegetable_part, embryo_partrape, rapeseed oil
receptaclepartcalyx, bud, petal, floral envelope, perianth, pedicelplant_part, embryo_partcotton
reed catkinspart, essence, flower, bloom, blossomplant_part, embryo_partreed
roepart, egg, ovum, spawnegg, fishbone, fish scalefish_part, embryo_partcaviar, seafood, fish
roepart, egg, seedeggfish_part, embryo_part
roughcastpartartifact_part, embryo_part
samarapartrind, fruits, drupe, legume, nut, coneplant_part, embryo_partfruit
seed of hemppartplant_part, embryo_part
seedpartspore, core, cotyledon, drupe, stone, fruitplant_part, embryo_partgrow, pistachio, angiosperm, bean, seedling, kernel
seedpod of the lotuspartlotus leaf, lotus seedplant_part, embryo_partlotus
seeds of ricepart, seedseeds of wheat, seeds of treescrop_part, embryo_part
seeds of treespart, seedseeds of rice, seeds of wheattree_part, embryo_part
seeds of wheatpart, seedseeds of rice, seeds of treescrop_part, embryo_part
serum albuminpartserum globulinbehave_part, embryo_partserum
serum globulinpart, globulinserum albuminbehave_part, embryo_partserum
shelled or husked seedpartplant_part, embryo_part
shootpartbudplant_part, embryo_part
sikworm eggpart, seedInsectWorm_part, embryo_part
silkworm breeding and mulberry growingpartbroad beantree_part, embryo_partsilkworm
solitary flowerpart, essence, flower, bloom, blossomplant_part, embryo_part
soybean sproutpart, bud, sprout, shootsoybeanplant_part, embryo_partsoybean, soya bean
spawnpartbehave_part, embryo_part
sproutpartplant_part, embryo_part
spurious fruitpartplant_part, embryo_part
stamenpart, pistil, stamenanther, pistil, corolla, pollen, petal, flowerplant_part, embryo_partcotton, flower, nectar
stamenpartpollen, flowerplant_part, embryo_part
stonepartdrupe, seedplant_part, embryo_partdrupe
stylepart, column, pillar, postflower, calyx, bud, petal, floral envelope, perianthplant_part, embryo_partcotton, flower
sunflower seedpart, seedseedplant_part, embryo_partsunflower, sunflower oil, sunflower-seed oil
sythetic proteinpart, proteinartificial limb, artificial skin, artificial kidneybehave_part, embryo_partartificially, artificial
terminal budpart, bud, sprout, shootplant_part, embryo_part
true fruitparttrue essence, true meaningplant_part, embryo_parttruely, true, truly
tubular flowerpart, essence, flower, bloom, blossomplant_part, embryo_parttube
vegetable seedpart, seedvegetable leafvegetable_part, embryo_partvegetable
water caltroppartwater chestnut, water supply line, water supply line and sewer, water shieldplant_part, embryo_partwater chestnut
water chestnutpartwater caltrop, water supply line, water supply line and sewer, water shieldplant_part, embryo_partwater caltrop
white of an eggpartwhite hair, white blood cell, white of the eye, white gourd, white teethembryo_part
yolkparteggembryo_partyolk-yellow, lecithin
young shoot of a reedpartyoung soya bean, young pilose antler, young shootplant_part, embryo_part
young shootpart, bud, sprout, shootyoung soya bean, young pilose antler, young shoot of a reedplant_part, embryo_partyoung