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Specializations of GROUP-PART

family (1)
organization (116)

Related GROUP Aspects

agent (3)

Analogies for GROUP-PART

fact (46)
physical (262)
thing (214)

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Concept Categories Similarity Cluster Functional Roles Related Concepts
branch of a familypartbranch of learningfamily_part
branchbranchorganization_part, priority_settingbranch mill, branch factory, branch office, branch school
branchpart, mechanismoffshoot, spin-off, twig, trunk, branches and leaves, barkorganization_part, branch_partbranch
central authoritiespartsecretariat, CPU, gist, central processing unit, central issue, central sectionorganization_part, central_typecenter
civil unitpartcivil corpsorganization_part
commissionerhuman, membercommander, representative individualgroup_part, speak_agent, think_agentrepresentative
elementhuman, son, child, egg, person, seed, viscountmember, nodding acquaintance, radicalgroup_part, speak_agent, think_agentfraction, point, molecule
group memberhuman, membergroup of beauties, group of heroes, group captain, group leadergroup_part, speak_agent, think_agentgroup
higher authoritiespart, brim, edge, border, boundary, frontier, side, margin, rimhigher echelon, higher level, higher command, higher headquarters, leading body at a higher level, higher-upsorganization_part, status_typehigher level, higher
higher levelparthigher authorities, higher echelon, higher command, higher headquarters, higher-upsorganization_part, status_typehigher, higher authorities, higher command, higher headquarters, higher commander
higher-upspart, brim, edge, border, boundary, frontier, side, margin, rimhigher authorities, higher echelon, higher level, higher command, higher headquartersorganization_part, status_typehigher
internal structure of an organizationpartinternal orgons of the boby, internal organs, internal orgons, internal orgons of the bodyorganization_part, bone_part
leading body at a higher levelpartleading Party member's group, leading group, leading core, leading nucleus, leading body, leading teamorganization_part, status_typehigher level
localitypartorganization_part, local_typelocal team, local tax, local government, localism
lower levelpart, brim, edge, border, boundary, frontier, side, margin, rimlower eyelid, lower part of the body, lower part, lower lip, lower reaches, lower limbsorganization_part, LowRank_typelower
main part of a structurepartmain part of a machine, main part of a project, main part, main points, main idea, main and collateral channels through which vital energy circulates and along which the acupuncture points are distributedgroup_part
member stateplace, country, nation, stateorganization_partmembership, member
memberhuman, memberelement, nodding acquaintance, adult, grown-up, membership, expertgroup_part, speak_agent, think_agentfraction, point, all right, member state
membershiphuman, memberadult, grown-up, member, expert, connoisseur, crack handgroup_part, speak_agent, think_agentall right, member state
military and civil unitsarmytroop, soldiers, troops, military, army, military forcesorganization_part, defend_agent, destroy_agent, manage_patient, thing_whole, defend_patientarmy, troops, armed forces
offshootpart, mechanismbranch, spin-off, branches and leaves, trunk, twig, barkorganization_part, branch_partbranch
organised grouppart, egg, seedorganization_part, bone_part
organizational systempartorganization_part, bone_part
spin-offpartoffshoot, branch, branches and leaves, trunk, twig, barkorganization_part, branch_partbranch
standing committeepartorganization_part, permanent_typestanding
subordinatepart, remnant, top, head, side, aspect, endorganization_part, LowRank_type