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behave (551)
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Concept Categories Similarity Cluster Functional Roles Related Concepts
back of the handpart, backback of the neck, back of a car, back cover, back of a Chinese robe, back entrance, back of a personhand_part
big toeparthand_part
both handspart, handboth places, both sides, both ends, both parties, both flanks, both wingsbehave_part, hand_partboth
center of the palmpart, centre, corecenter of attention, center of a circlehand_part
centre of the palmpart, centre, corecentre of a sphere, centre of gravityhand_part
chelapartanimal_part, hand_part
finger tippart, tip, pointfingernail, fingertip, finger, toehand_partfinger
fingerpartarm, fingernail, fingertip, toe, thumb, handhand_part, wash_patient, wipe_PartOfTouch, rub_PartOfTouchfinger, fingerprint, toe, hand, fingernail, finger tip
fingernailpart, shell, carapace, nailfingertip, finger, toe, finger tiphand_partfinger
fingertippart, tip, pointfingernail, finger, toe, finger tiphand_partfinger
fistparthandbehave_part, hand_partfisticuffs
fistpart, fisthand, palm, handle, wrist, arm, fingerbehave_part, hand_parthand
five fingerspartfive internal organs (heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys)behave_part, hand_partfive
forefingerpartthumb, index fingerhand_part
handpart, sole, padsole, palm, fist, carpus, thumb, fingerhand_part
handhumanfinger, fingertip, fingernail, finger tip, fingerprint expert, fingerprint manbehave_part, hand_part, speak_agent, think_agentgesture, carpus, thumb, finger, arm, palm
handlepartpalm, wrist, fist, arm, finger, thumbimplement_part, hand_parthand
index fingerpartforefinger, thumb, fingerhand_part
knobpartimplement_part, hand_part
little finger or toepartlittle fingerhand_partlittle
little fingerpartlittle finger or toehand_partlittle
middle fingerpartsecretariat, CPU, gist, finger, middle phase, middle parthand_partmid, middle
nailpart, shell, carapace, nailtoenailhand_part, wipe_PartOfTouch, rub_PartOfTouchnail clippers, nailbrush, nail enamel, nail varnish, nailfile
one's left handpart, handone's own side, one's right handbehave_part, hand_part, left_type
one's right handpart, handone's own side, one's left handbehave_part, hand_part, right_type
palmpart, sole, padsole, hand, handle, wrist, fist, armhand_parthand, palm computer, palmtop computer, palmate
part of hand between thumb and index fingerpart, entrance, openingpart above the waist, part of the body, part of the scalp where the hair is whorled, part of a historical period, part between the eyebrowshand_part
pedunclepart, foot, legfish_part, hand_part
pincerspartanimal_part, hand_part
thumbpartforefinger, finger, hand, index fingerhand_partgiant panda