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Metonymies for HARD-TYPE

setting (4)

Analogies for HARD-TYPE

crisp (1)
hardness (11)
soft (2)
tough (2)

Index of Concepts

Concept Categories Similarity Cluster Functional Roles Related Concepts
callositypart, calluscallusbehave_part, cover_part, hard_typeovergrown, callus
calluspartcallositybehave_part, cover_part, hard_typeovergrown, callosity
hard bonepart, bone, character, remnant, top, chief, head, head, aspect, endhard shoulder, hard surface, hard disc, hard disk, hard sleeper, hard palatebone_part, hard_typetough, hard
scleromainanimate, node, junctionhard_typetough, hard
solid rockstonehard_type
something small and hardshapesomething resembling a wall, something resembling a whip, something in the shape of a well, something shaped like a tongue, something shaped like a columnhard_type, perception_content