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Analogies for LIMB-PART

arm (28)
base (83)
bone (141)
cover (168)
edge (97)
embryo (154)
foot (37)
heart (102)
leg (37)
opening (208)
tail (35)
whole (1121)

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Concept Categories Similarity Cluster Functional Roles Related Concepts
arms and legspart, limbbehave_part, limb_part
artificial limbpart, limbartificial skin, artificial kidney, sythetic protein, artificial intelligence, AIbehave_part, limb_part, artificial_typeartificially, artificial
boll-bearing branchpart, branch, twiglimb_part
branchbranchplant_part, limb_part, priority_settingtwig, trunk, tree, bark, leave, branches and leaves
branches and leavespart, leaf, foliageoffshoot, branch, spin-off, trunk, twig, barkplant_part, limb_partbranch
crotchparttrunk, treetop, tree trunk, tree root, tree sapplant_part, limb_parttree
curly branchpart, branch, twigcurly hair, curly beard, curly moustache, curly twig, curly sideburnsplant_part, limb_part
curly twigpart, branch, twigcurly hair, curly beard, curly moustache, curly branch, curly sideburnsplant_part, limb_part
cuttingpart, item, twigplant_part, limb_part
drooping willow twigparttree_part, limb_part
forkpart, branchplant_part, limb_parthayfork, pitchfork, bifurcation
four limbspart, limbbehave_part, limb_partfour
lateral branchpart, branch, twiglateral root, lateral line, lateral bud, lateral radical of a Chinese characterplant_part, limb_part
leafy branchpart, branch, twigleaf blade, petiole, chlorophyll, leaf surface, leaf bud, leaf axilplant_part, limb_partleaf
limbpartbehave_part, limb_part
limbs and trunkpart, bodybehave_part, limb_part
limbspart, bodybehave_part, limb_part
lower limbspart, limblower eyelid, lower part of the body, lower level, lower part, lower lip, lower reachesbehave_part, limb_part, beneath_typelower
offshootpartplant_part, limb_part
offspringpartplant_part, limb_partissue
olive branchpart, branch, twigplant_part, limb_partfruit of the canary, olive
osierpart, item, twigwicker, willow catkin, willowy waisttree_part, limb_partwillow
outgrowthpartplant_part, limb_part
side shootpart, branch, twigside door, side entrance, side of the road, side of the verge, side of a ship, side gate of an imperial palaceplant_part, limb_partside
stalk or branchpartstalk of grainplant_part, limb_part
taprootpart, root, base, origin, source, footturnip, carrot, root, radish, basis, foundationplant_part, limb_partroot
tillerpartplant_part, limb_part, child_type
tip of a twigparttip of a plait, tip of a hair, tip of the brow, tip of the tongue, tip of hairplant_part, limb_part
twigpart, branch, twigleave, bark, branch, trunk, branch, stumpplant_part, limb_parttree, branch
upper limbspart, limbupper of a shoe, upper arm, upper part of the body, upper lip, upper respiratory tract, upper and lower toothbehave_part, limb_partupper, up
wickerpart, item, twigosier, willow catkin, willowy waisttree_part, limb_partwillow, wicker basket, wicker safety helmet, wicker case