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Dimensions of OBSTRUCT-EVENT

sequence (1)

Related OBSTRUCT Aspects

action (30)
agent (8)
instrument (64)
location (3)
material (4)
method (5)
patient (16)
time (1)

Analogies for OBSTRUCT-EVENT

catch (3)
disable (13)
prohibit (1)
restrain (1)

Index of Concepts

Concept Categories Similarity Cluster Functional Roles Related Concepts
eclipseweathersolar eclipseobstruct_event, weather_agent, change_destination, event_event, happen_agentecliptic
first contactpartfirst floor, first halfobstruct_eventfirst
fourth contactpartobstruct_event
maximum phasepartobstruct_event
middle phasepartmiddle finger, middle partobstruct_event
phase of an eclipsepartobstruct_event
second contactpartsecond half, second roofobstruct_event
third contactpartobstruct_event