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Dimensions of PLACE-RELEVANT

source (1)

Related PLACE Aspects

action (1)
agent (10)
content (5)
instrument (2)
location (6)
part (16)
patient (30)
time (2)

Analogies for PLACE-RELEVANT

earth (4)

Index of Concepts

Concept Categories Similarity Cluster Functional Roles Related Concepts
city emblemmark, badge, emblem, insigniashop sign, city flowerplace_relevantcity
city flowertree, treeplace_relevant, alive_agent, die_agent, planting_patient, damage_patient, suffer_agent
city flowerplant, flowercity emblemplace_relevant, decorate_instrument, planting_patient, alive_agent, die_agent, damage_patientcity
national flagmark, banner, flag, standardensign, flag, national emblemplace_relevantcitizen, country, national, nation