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Concept Categories Similarity Cluster Functional Roles planting_patient
antherpartstamen, pollen, calyx, bud, petal, floral envelopeplant_partcotton
bamboo leafpart, leaf, foliagebamboo shoots in spring, bamboo pole, bamboo shootplant_partbamboo
barnyard milletpart, egg, seedplant_part, embryo_partbarnyard grass
bean sproutfoodbean curd with odor, bean curd, bean product, bean jelly, thin sheets of bean curd, dried bean curdplant_part, embryo_part, cook_patient, put_patient, hold_patient, produce_patientpeas, beans
beanpartcowpea, pea, legume, castor bean, kernel, cotyledonplant_part, embryo_partpeas, beans
beanstalkpart, beanstalkpod, legume straw, bean, bean segmentplant_partpeas, beans
budpartshoot, calyx, petal, floral envelope, perianth, pedicelplant_part, embryo_partcotton, plant
calyxpartbud, petal, floral envelope, perianth, pedicel, pollenplant_part, embryo_partcotton
cane vinepartplant_partrattan, cane, vine
corollapartstamen, petal, calyx, bud, floral envelope, perianthplant_part, embryo_partcotton
cotton bollpart, bud, bollcottonseedplant_part, embryo_partgeneral term for cotton and kapok, cotton
cottonseedpart, seedcotton bollplant_part, embryo_partgeneral term for cotton and kapok, cotton
crotchparttrunk, treetop, tree trunk, tree root, tree sapplant_part, limb_parttree
disc chuckpartdisc drive, calyx, bud, petal, floral envelope, perianthplant_partcotton
filamentpartcalyx, bud, petal, floral envelope, perianth, pedicelplant_part, heart_partcotton
floral axispart, stem, stalkfloral envelope, calyx, bud, petal, perianth, pedicelplant_partcotton
floral envelopepartfloral axis, floral axis, calyx, bud, petal, perianthplant_part, embryo_partcotton
flower budpart, bud, sprout, shootflower seed, calyx, bud, petal, floral envelope, perianthplant_part, embryo_partcotton
flower seedpart, seedflower bud, calyx, bud, petal, floral envelope, perianthplant_part, embryo_partcotton
fruitspart, fruit, seedsamara, rind, drupe, legume, nut, coneplant_part, embryo_partfruit
grass rootpart, base, origin, source, footstalkplant_part, base_partstraw, grass
kaoliang stalkpart, strawplant_partsorghum, kaoliang
leaves of Chinese sweet gumpart, leaf, foliageleaves of pulse plants, maple leavesplant_partmaple
legume strawpart, strawpod, bean, beanstalk, bean segmentplant_partpeas, beans
lotus leafpart, leaf, foliagelotus seed, seedpod of the lotusplant_partlotus
lotus seedpart, egg, seedlotus leaf, seedpod of the lotusplant_part, embryo_partlotus
maple leavespart, leaf, foliageleaves of Chinese sweet gumplant_partmaple
melon seedpart, egg, seedpumpkin, cucumberplant_part, embryo_partgourd, melon
olive branchpart, twigplant_part, limb_partfruit of the canary, olive
pedicelpart, stem, handlecalyx, bud, petal, floral envelope, perianth, pollenplant_part, embryo_partcotton
perianthpartcalyx, bud, petal, floral envelope, pedicel, pollenplant_part, embryo_partcotton
petalpart, petal, section, segment, clove, draft, fragment, valvecorolla, stamen, flower, calyx, bud, floral envelopeplant_part, embryo_partcotton, flower
pine needlepartpine cone, pine nut, pineconeplant_partpine
podpart, podpea, legume straw, bean, beanstalk, bean segmentplant_part, embryo_partpeas, beans
pollenpartanther, stamen, gamete, flower, calyx, budplant_part, embryo_partcotton, plant, flower
receptaclepartcalyx, bud, petal, floral envelope, perianth, pedicelplant_part, embryo_partcotton
reed catkinspart, essence, flower, bloom, blossomplant_part, embryo_partreed
seedpod of the lotuspartlotus leaf, lotus seedplant_part, embryo_partlotus
soybean sproutpart, bud, sprout, shootsoybeanplant_part, embryo_partsoya bean
stalkpart, stem, stalkgrass rootplant_partgrass, straw
stamenpart, pistil, stamenanther, pistil, corolla, pollen, petal, flowerplant_part, embryo_partcotton, flower
strawpartwheat stubble, wheat straw, wheatear, wheat branplant_partwheat
stylepart, column, pillar, postflower, calyx, bud, petal, floral envelope, perianthplant_part, embryo_partcotton, flower
wheat stubblepart, stubblewheat straw, wheat bran, straw, wheatearplant_partwheat