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Specializations of STORE-AGENT

treasure (4)

Metonymies for STORE-AGENT

action (3)
location (2)
patient (2)

Related STORE Aspects

action (29)
content (6)
cost (2)
destination (11)
duration (1)
instrument (32)
location (191)
method (1)
patient (1503)

Analogies for STORE-AGENT

assemble (1)
direct (88)
drive (46)
insert (1)
install (2)
load (7)
pull (10)
push (1)
put (1)
release (1)
remove (114)
throw (1)

Index of Concepts

Concept Categories Similarity Cluster Functional Roles Related Concepts
bibliomaniahumanbibliophile, bookworm, book agent, author, book seller, bookdealerstore_agentstoring place, store, depository, collection of book, collect book, book
bibliophilehumanbibliomania, librarian, bookworm, book agent, author, book sellerstore_agentstoring place, store, depository, library, collection of book, collect book
bloodpart, bloodplasma, heart, platelet, kidney, antibody, veinbehave_part, red_type, treasure_agentleukaemia, congestion, hemorrhage, bloodletting, bacteremia, hematuria
countryplaceEngland, Wales, Scotland, monarchy, Canada, Francecontrol_agent, defend_patient, establish_patient, own_agent, store_agent, sell_agentstate, nation, government, territory, German, monarch
depositaryhuman, adult, grown-up, everybody, people, person, men, man, personage, each, everyarchivist, warehouseman, storeman, storekeeperstore_agentstoreman
nationplaceEngland, Europe, land, state, country, state affairscontrol_agent, defend_patient, establish_patient, own_agent, store_agent, sell_agentnational, state, nationality, dominion, territory, country
regraterhuman, -er, -istregratortreasure_agentregrate
regratorhuman, -er, -istregratertreasure_agentregrate
stateplaceland, superpower, monarchy, nation, country, welfare statecontrol_agent, defend_patient, establish_patient, own_agent, store_agent, sell_agentsociety, confederation, government, dominion, country, nation