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Specializations of STORE-CONTENT

treasure (3)

Metonymies for STORE-CONTENT

location (2)
patient (1)

Related STORE Aspects

action (29)
agent (11)
cost (2)
destination (11)
duration (1)
instrument (32)
location (191)
method (1)
patient (1503)

Analogies for STORE-CONTENT

direct (4)
send (1)

Index of Concepts

Concept Categories Similarity Cluster Functional Roles Related Concepts
cashmoneymoney, currency, track, tracetreasure_patient, buy_cost, treasure_content, withdraw_content, count_content, provide_contentready money, wealth, money, wallet, bank
charactercharacterscript, characters, ideogram, character string, word, wordexpress_instrument, handle_patient, store_content, communicate_instrument, think_instrument, record_destinationcharacter, stationery, file, speak, word, word meaning
currencymoneyZloty, Dong, Won, specie, coin, Bahttreasure_patient, buy_cost, treasure_content, withdraw_content, own_content, manage_contentcommodity, wealth, money, currency system, monetary system, bank
form of a written charactercharacterexpress_instrument, store_content, communicate_instrument, think_instrument, record_destination, thing_contentword, word meaning, chararter bank
moneymoneysilver, coin, cash, credit, banknote, currencytreasure_patient, buy_cost, treasure_content, withdraw_content, own_content, manage_contentsilver, silver-coloured, commodity, wealth, currency system, monetary system
wordcharacterhandle_patient, express_instrument, store_content, communicate_instrument, think_instrument, record_destinationtalk