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Concept Categories Similarity Cluster Functional Roles Related Concepts
acornpart, fruit, seedfruittree_part, embryo_partoak
bamboo polepartbamboo shoots in spring, bamboo shoot, bamboo leaftree_partbamboo
bamboopart, arm, shafttree_part
barkpart, skin, surface, covertwig, trunk, leave, branches and leaves, spin-off, branchtree_part, cover_partresin, branch, tree
cassia barkpart, skin, surface, covercassia twigtree_part, cover_partcassiabark tree
cassia twigpart, branch, twigcassia barktree_partcassiabark tree
Chinese wolfberrypart, egg, seedChinese cabbage, Chinese yam, Chinese toontree_part, embryo_part
crown of a treeparttree_part
drooping willow twigparttree_part, limb_part
elm seedspart, podtree_part, embryo_partelm
mulberry leavespart, leaf, foliagetree_part
mulberrypartfruittree_part, embryo_partwhite mulberry
osierpart, item, twigwicker, willow catkin, willowy waisttree_part, limb_partwillow
pine conepartpine needle, pine nut, pineconetree_part, embryo_partpine
pine nutpart, egg, seedseed, pine cone, pine needle, pineconetree_part, embryo_partpine
pineconepartpine cone, pine needle, pine nuttree_part, embryo_partpine
root bark of the tree peonypart, skin, surface, coverroot of a plant, root word, root and shoot, root tuber, root of the tongue, root of a treetree_part
root of a treepart, root, base, origin, source, footroot of a plant, root word, root bark of the tree peony, root and shoot, root tuber, root of the tonguetree_part, base_part
section of thick bamboopartsection of a city close to the city wall, section of an area, section of a construction project, section of highway, section of railwaytree_part
seeds of treespart, seedseeds of rice, seeds of wheattree_part, embryo_part
silkworm breeding and mulberry growingpartbroad beantree_part, embryo_partsilkworm
skin of bamboopartskin of fruit, skin and muscle, skin texturetree_part, cover_part
stumpparttrunk, twig, leave, barktree_parttree
tea leavespart, leaf, foliagetree_parttea, tea egg
thick bamboo tubepartthick hair, thick head of hair, thick eyebrowstree_part
thin end of a twig of a willow treepart, tipthin end of a twigtree_part
tree rootpart, root, base, origin, source, foottree trunk, tree sap, crotch, treetoptree_part, base_parttree
tree sapparttree trunk, tree root, crotch, treetoptree_parttree
tree trunkpart, trunktree root, tree sap, crotch, treetoptree_parttree
treetoppartcrotch, tree trunk, tree root, tree saptree_parttree
trunkpart, trunkcrotch, body, branch, twig, leave, barktree_parttree
wickerpart, item, twigosier, willow catkin, willowy waisttree_part, limb_partwillow, wicker basket, wicker safety helmet, wicker case