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Analogies for VEGETABLE-PART

AlgaeFungi (1)
crop (17)
fruit (8)
plant (251)
plant (251)
tree (35)

Index of Concepts

Concept Categories Similarity Cluster Functional Roles Related Concepts
Chinese cabbagepart, seedrapeseed, Chinese yam, Chinese toon, Chinese wolfberryvegetable_part, embryo_partrape
floral axispartfloral envelopevegetable_part
mustard seedpart, egg, seedmustard, mustard greensvegetable_part, embryo_partmustard, mustard plaster, mustard gas
outer leaf of vegetablepart, egg, seedouter leaf, outer suburbs, outer skin, outer part, outer form, outer layervegetable_part
rapeseedpart, seedrape, seed, Chinese cabbagevegetable_part, embryo_partrape, rapeseed oil
vegetable seedpart, seedvegetable leafvegetable_part, embryo_partvegetable