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Related WEAPON Aspects

agent (1)

Analogies for WEAPON-PART

computer (20)
furniture (3)
implement (255)
machine (60)
MusicTool (13)
software (2)
SportTool (2)
tool (13)
vehicle (80)

Index of Concepts

Concept Categories Similarity Cluster Functional Roles Related Concepts
bomb splinterpartweapon_partbomb
borepart, chamberpistonweapon_part
bowstringpart, springweapon_partbow
cockpitpart, cabin, moduleweapon_part
gun muzzlepart, entrance, openinggun platformweapon_part, opening_part
gun platformpart, base, pedestal, standgun muzzleweapon_part, base_part
gunpointpart, entrance, openingweapon_part, opening_part
muzzlepart, entrance, openingweapon_part, opening_part
shell fragmentpartshell splinter, shell of abalone or sea-earweapon_part
shell splinterpartshell fragment, shell of abalone or sea-earweapon_part
shrapnelpartweapon_partwarhead, ammunition, shot
stringpartpad, RNAweapon_partorchestra, string orchestra, stringed instrument