Following The Way of Knowledge: A Guide

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The Knowledge Grid

As a pilgrim in search of nirvana, you must travese the path of knowledge to find your way through successively higher levels of enlightenment. Answer questions wisely and you will be guided faithfully to your goal. But answer them incorrectly and you may wander off the path of knowledge for good!

Your Karmic Level

You begin the game at the lowest level of Karma, but through wisdom you can progressively pass through higher and higher levels of enlightenment until you reach Nirvana.

Karmic Progression

Each level on the path of knowledge contains a point at which you may progress to the next level of Karma, on your route to total enlightenment. This point is revealed on your first entry to each level, and is clearly visible on your display as a . Your current position relative to the progression point is marked with a .

Karmic Progression

On each level you must also learn a new magical symbol before you can find the point that leads to the next level. On entering each new level, you should seek out the magical symbol by correctly answering the questions that will lead you toward it. Only then should you try to find the progression point to the next level. This point will not be attainable until you possess the right symbol!

Karmic Regression

Your path will be strewn with many obstacles. Any any point you may encounter a Pit of Ignorance. Failure to answer a question correctly will result in you being case down to a lower level of Karma, from whence you must struggle to return.

Pit Guardians

You will know when you are standing next to a pit of ignorance by the demon that guards it, as shown here. Wherever you see this demon, be warned: you must exercise wisdom not to fall into the adjacent pit.

Falling Back

If you fall into a pit of ignorance, you will either be transported to a random location in the previous Karmic level, from where you must again seek to return to the current level, or you will lose the magical symbol that you obtained on this current level.

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