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1 yanfen 13360
2 Yanfenhao 9690
3 yanfen 6620
4 Yanfenhao 4215
5 Yanfenhao 4070
6 Yanfen 3950
7 Anonymous 3760
8 Yanfen 3725
9 Yanfen 3640
10 Yanfen 3102
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The Lex-Ecologist

Ecologists study the natural environment of plants and animals. Our plants and animals are words and concepts, and our environments are large text corpora. The Lex-Ecologist allows you to explore the rich textual environment for words provided by the text of the on-line encyclopaedia Wikipedia. Observe the behaviour of concepts in this environment: observe what they do, what is done to them, what they act upon, and how they congregrate into groups.