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Know Best Top 10 List
Rank Name Rating
1 yanfen 13360
2 Yanfenhao 9690
3 yanfen 6620
4 Yanfenhao 4215
5 Yanfenhao 4070
6 Yanfen 3950
7 Anonymous 3760
8 Yanfen 3725
9 Yanfen 3640
10 Yanfen 3102
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This is a variant of Trail-Blazer that exploits a player’s knowledge of synonyms and compound terms in a language. One must blaze a trail through a matrix of words, from the top row to the bottom, forming a chain composed of synonyms or two-word compound terms. That is, each successive pair of words in the chain must be synonymous or comprise an established two-word phrase, like "queen mother" or "mother goose" (as in the chain "queen mother goose"). Note that compounds can be used both forwards (as in side door) and backwards (as in door side). Note also that word chains can zig-zag from side to side.

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