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Know Best Top 10 List
Rank Name Rating
1 yanfen 13360
2 Yanfenhao 9690
3 yanfen 6620
4 Yanfenhao 4215
5 Yanfenhao 4070
6 Yanfen 3950
7 Anonymous 3760
8 Yanfen 3725
9 Yanfen 3640
10 Yanfen 3102
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Language is a dynamic landscape in which words are not fixed landmarks, but unstable signposts that switch directions as archaic senses are lost and new, more topical senses, are gained. Frequently, entirely new lexical signposts are added as newly minted word-forms enter the language. 
One can experience the variety and inventiveness of the most creative new words in English with ZeitGeist, a creative neologism generator. Our system uses the semantic context provided by Wikipedia’s topology of cross-references to add corresponding semantic entries to WordNet. Start ZeitGeist