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Jigsaw Bard

When we think about poetry, we tend to think about rhythm and rhyme, but these  just provide the packaging of poetry. You don’t have to look in poetry books to find poetry, because poetry isn’t limited to poems. Poetry is all about finding the most resonant phrase to communicate a certain idea. A resonant phrase is one that suggests a lot more than it actually says, one that sticks in the memory by painting a mental picture of something that may not have a literal visual dimension.

The Jigsaw Bard is an online application that allows you to find resonant phrases for a large range of simple properties, like quiet, or for an even larger range of complex blended properties, like quiet and calm. The Bard has already scoured vast amounts of web text to identify phrases that have a resonant quality, and has automatically indexed these phrases on the properties they most poetically suggest.

Most phrases are found art in this respect -- they are well-formed fragments of English that the Bard thinks have both a poetic quality and a useful communicative function. But some phrases (shown in blue) have been directly composed by the Bard itself. Have a look and see what you think of the Bard’s compositional abilities.

In particular, the Bard has a rudimentary sense of irony, and so for many properties it will suggest some ironic possibilities.

You can interact with the Bard by clicking here.

You can see the knowledge-base that the Bard uses as a seed for its harvesting of found art  by clicking here.