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1 yanfen 13360
2 Yanfenhao 9690
3 yanfen 6620
4 Yanfenhao 4215
5 Yanfenhao 4070
6 Yanfen 3950
7 Anonymous 3760
8 Yanfen 3725
9 Yanfen 3640
10 Yanfen 3102
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Research Mission

  • Our Computational Creativity (CC) group is dedicated to the computational exploration of language and its creative potential, from  Metaphor, Simile, Analogy and Blending to complex social phenomena such as Irony and Humour.
  • We are part of the EC Project WHIM (the What-If Machine). We build the idea-generation systems that feed novel counter-factual premises to other WHIM components.
  • We lead the EC PROSECCO network (PRomoting the Scientific Exploration of Computational Creativity). This international project promotes CC via Autumn schools, code camps and other educational events.
  • We promote a vision of the The Creative Web, in which Computational Creativity is delivered via creative Web Services like our own Metaphor Magnet
  • Sample our work via the autonomous Twitterbot @MetaphorMagnet, which uses the Metaphor Magnet service and the Flux Capacitor change generator to generate its own insightful views on the world on an hourly basis.
  • Check out, our new Web initiative to promote Computational Creativity via comics and cartoons.