Metaphor Magnet

Metaphor Magnet is a software application, a web service and a Twitterbot (@MetaphorMagnet)

The interactive web application can be used by visiting this URL:

The application can also be used as a web service by other NLP applications, returning XML documents to the client. Details of this XML functionality are provided at the end of this README.

Github of Resources

The knowledge resources available on our CC GitHib include:

The NOC list: The Non-Official Characterization List.

This is a knowledge-base providing detailed information on many facets of over 800 popular figures from pop-culture, fiction and history. Read more about it in this blog post. Visit the GitHub repository to download the NOC.

Scéalextric: A Path-building Story Generation System and Knowledge-base


We praise our machines for their consistency, their precision and their speed, but never for their creativity or their insight. And why should we? Creativity is a very human-centric concept, after all, and the popular imagination has good reasons for placing humans and machines at opposite ends of the creativity spectrum. If we want our machines to exhibit the kinds of behavior that humans call creative, we shall just have to build (or teach) our machines to think more like we do.

Bot Code Camp 2016

After the success of the first code-camp held in Coimbra, Portugal in 2015, PROSECCO organized a second international code-camp on Computational Creativity in the city of Antwerp, Belgium in April 2016. The local organizers of the camp were Lucas Nijs of the Sint Lucas School of Art and Walter Daelemans of the CLiPs Natural Language Processing group of the University of Antwerp.



Veale, T. (2021). Walking the Line in Computational Creativity: Paradox and Pitfall in the Mitigation of Automated Offense. In Proc. of ICCC-2021, the 12th international conference on Computational Creativity. Mexico City, Mexico, September 14-18. [PDF]


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