Automated Web Comix Generation: Story 1

Scéalextric stories can now be converted automatically into comic strips that visualize the characters and the actions of a machine-generated story. In this example, a Scéalextric story about James Bond and Goldfinger is rendered as a web comic with facial emotions, action poses, and relevant backgrounds, with scene-setting close-ups and meme-like mood setters.

The name's Goldfinger, Auric Goldfinger:

Your Wit Is My Command: Day 7

Back in the day, the biggest chat bots in AI were Eliza and Parry. In 1973, the bots sat down for their first conversation together, removing the human from the loop. Inspired by Frost/Nixon, Kim and Bap, our robot actors, make a stage production of what happened next.

Your Wit Is My Command: Day 6

Before Kim met Bap, he had to make do with Alexa as a companion. Now, let's be clear, Kim isn't prejudiced against bots without bodies, but this relationship was rocky from the start. As Kim once said of Alexa, "That girl be trippin'"

Watch an explanatory version of the act with comments.

Your Wit Is My Command: Day 5

Before Kim had his robot companion Bap to play with, Kim was forced to tell stories with a human partner. Here Kim asks the user some personal questions, and constructs a personalised story around the answers.

Watch it here on Youtube

Your Wit Is My Command: Day 4

For Day 4 of Future Tech Week our robot actors Kim and Bap enact another story they generated for themselves. These robots just can't keep their noses out of politics, although their imaginations exceed their grasp on reality.

If only the 2016 presidential election turned out this way!

Your Wit Is My Command: Day 3

The robots Kim and Bap discuss the difference between physical robots and software "bots," in the context of a recent book on Twitter bots.

Watch Veale and Kim (or is it Bap?) discuss Twitterbots here

Your Wit Is My Command: Day 2

For Day 2 of Future Tech Week our robot actors Kim and Bap enact a story they generated for themselves, about two of their favourite characters in their database (the NOC list).

This is political drama and romance as you've never saw them before!

Your Wit Is My Command: Day 1

To kick off Future Week, we've asked the robots Kim and Bap to introduce our lab's research in story telling.

Watch the video on Youtube now ...

... and watch this space for a new video every day of Future Tech Week.

Your Wit Is My Command

To celebrate the EC FET programme and Future Week (, we are launching a week of embodied story-telling with Kim and Bap, our robot actors.

Each day of Future Week we'll post a new video of Kim and Bap, either introducing our current research in story-telling and story-generation (which stems from the FET projects PROSECCO and WHIM) or enacting a new computer-generated story for your delectation.

Watch this space!

Future Week is September 23 - 29th.

This Is The Creative Language System Group

Our Computational Creativity (CC) group is dedicated to the computational exploration of language and its creative potential, from Metaphor, Simile, Analogy and Blending to complex social phenomena such as Irony and Humour.

We build a variety of CC systems, from metaphor-generating Twitterbots to story-generators and robot-robot story-telling systems.


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